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Happy Birthday Bach!


Bach in the Subways was started by cellist Dale Henderson in New York City in 2010. He performed the famous composer’s cello suites in the subway and declined donations. Henderson explained to his audience with postcards his intent to sow seeds for future generations of classical musical lovers. To celebrate Johann Sebastian Bach’s 326th birthday on March 21, 2011, Henderson invited other musicians to join him and the Bach in the Subways movement was created. By 2016, thousands of classical performances were given by classical musicians in hundreds of countries throughout the world

On Tuesday, 3/21, musicians will play live classical music for SEPTA riders in honor of Bach’s birthday. The spontaneous musical performances are part of the international movement to bring attention to classical music through free concerts in public spaces. Nojé will perform at Suburban Station on Tuesday, 3/21 from 9:30a - 12p, and Philadelphia Orchestra Musicians will perform at Jefferson Station from 4:30p - 5:30p.

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