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We Have a New Facebook Name!

New fb name blog

Attention ISEPTAPHILLYers: we have a new name on Facebook! We loved “SEPTA Pass Perks,” and it's still what we do, but the evolution of fare payment has dictated that it's time to make some changes.

Because now, in addition to Passes, your Key Card also gets you Perks. And of course, our Facebook is more than just Perks. On our page, we share pictures, video, and keep you up to date on everything SEPTA.

You’ll also notice now that our new name includes our website. On, we tell you the latest SEPTA news, what's Happening around town (and how to get there on SEPTA), we hook you up with Perks (again, no Pass!), and so much more!

So give it a look for yourself.

Click here to check out our new name on Facebook – and throw us a like while you're at it! 

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