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You're Invited!

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Come to our house on Tuesday, March 19, 2019!

As part of the Annual Service Plan process, we're hosting public Open House meetings on Tuesday, 3/19 from 12n to 1:30p for the lunch crowd and from 5p to 6:30p for the post work crowd. Representatives of affected citizen groups, public agencies, elected officials and interested individuals are encouraged to attend. The purpose of these meetings is to receive input regarding items which are included in the Plan prior to the tariff and public hearing process. Both meetings are at SEPTA Headquarters, 1234 Market Street, Mezzanine Level, Philadelphia, PA 19017 in the SEPTA Board Room.

There are no new projects to be discussed at the Open House meeting for inclusion in the Plan.

What will be discussed is proposed changes to the SEPTA Service Standards and Process.

For Surface Transportation, these changes include a new route classification system to examine route performance, classifying routes as City, Suburban, Arterial, Expressway and Fixed. Some services would be considered in a separate category because of unique characteristics, such as 200-series last-mile connectors. It also proposes network analysis tools that consider duplication, connectivity, proximity to people and jobs and impacts on customer access in the context of proposed routing and service changes. A route directness formula is proposed to allow evaluation of requests for route deviations. The proposed changes would support a Surface Transportation Service Development Process.

There are minor changes proposed to the Regional Rail elements of the Service Standards and Process document.

A draft of the proposed Service Standards and Process will be posted here for review prior to the Open House meetings.

The final FY 2020 Annual Service Plan document will include an evaluation of service changes implemented as part of the FY 2019 Annual Service Plan. The following projects are operating under Experimental Order authority and are proposed to be made permanent:

Route 40: A change to the alternate routing utilizing Pine Street during times when South Street is congested.

Route 73: A change to the routing to enter the Shoppes at Wissinoming Shopping Center during business hours for improved access to a full service supermarket.

Route 104: A change to the end of line at West Chester University is proposed to address a University proposal to close a street at the previous end of line at Church Street and University Avenue. The new end of line would keep buses on High Street to and from the Swope Preforming Arts Center.

Route 131: Service was added to a portion of Egypt Road and Shannondell Boulevard to improve service to the Audubon Village Shopping Center and Shannondell at Valley Forge. This was implemented in conjunction with improved off-peak and weekend service.

To learn more about the proposed changes, please refer to the Service Standards and Process microsite.


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