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Downtown Link Center City Concourse

June 11, 2019

Please join us in celebrating a year of our updated, improved Center City Concourse, and the rechristening of this area as the "Downtown Link!"

Regardless of how you refer to the center of our city as either Center City or Downtown, we can at least all agree that this improved concourse is an excellent update to Philadelphia's network! 

The Downtown Link is the gateway to the region's multi-modal transit network with convenient connections to SEPTA's Regional Rail lines, the Market-Frankford and Broad Street Lines, City Trolley routes and dozens of connecting bus routes, as well as the PATCO Hi-Speedline. It also provides access to the retail business, office buildings and historical attractions beneath one of the nation's densest city centers.

Last summer marked the completion of Phase 1 of the Center City Concourse Improvement. And as this summer has already proven to be full of tropical-like daily thunderstorms, with heavy heat heading our way. If you would like to stay dry and cool this summer, head underground! There is 500,000+ square feet of concourse that spans from JFK Boulevard to Spruce Street, and from 8th Street to 18th Street, for when extreme weather calls for some climate control. That's a lot of city blocks that you can cover without dealing with heat, humidity, or what seems to be our now weekly tornado watch. 

(And ICYMI: SEPTA continues to actively combat climate change and our own carbon footprint, with the most recent changes at our Southern Bus Depot. SEPTA is always focused on reducing Philadelphia’s carbon footprint; because of SEPTA, only 17% of Philadelphia’s carbon footprint is due to transportation [rather than the 28% found in other American cities] - so keep it up, by riding public transportation, you're reducing your carbon footprint and making a difference!)

The concourse includes ADA improvements such as an upgraded elevator at 8th and Market Streets, and replaced escalators at 8th and 15th Street Stations. 

Additional improvements include safety and security enhancements, such as emergency call boxes and upgrades to stairs, and new lighting to enhance safety, visibility, and illuminate artwork, pictures and signage. And don't forget about the installation of eight digital displays and 43 backlit panels throughout the Downtown Link! The displays enhance the concourse experience and provide real-time transit information and new opportunities for advertisers to reach their audiences.

All of these awesome updates are thanks to funding from Act 89, Pennsylvania's comprehensive transportation funding plan. 

So when the heat and storm clouds roll our way, head underground. SEPTA's Downtown Link Center City Concourse can connect you to your comings, goings, rides home, and everywhere in between.