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Route of the Week - Market-Frankford Line

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This week we are highlighting the busiest route in the SEPTA system, the Market-Frankford Line. The Market-Frankford Line carries about 180,512 passengers daily with 28 station stops throughout the line.

Passengers at Allegheny Station 

The route, which just so happens to be 13.6 miles in length, takes you from 69th Street Transportation Center in Upper Darby to Frankford Transportation Center.  The Market-Frankford Line goes by many nicknames, but the most popular among SEPTA Riders is “The EL”.

The MFL at 69th Street Station in 1981

 This name comes from the fact that the line is a “Subway-Elevated”. This means that while the line does ride underground (Between 2nd and 46th Street) it’s actually elevated above ground the rest of the way.

The MFL underground at 30th Street Station 

The MFL above ground at 46th Street Station 

The best part about being above ground is that you get an awesome skyline view, and well as a look at the mural arts Love Letter Murals

One of the many murals along the MFL

 It’s one of our favorite reasons about riding on the MFL. On weekdays the MFL transfers to late night bus service known as the “Owl Bus.”

A late night "owl bus" getting ready for passengers 

However, on weekends trains run all night long, all weekend long for you late night revelers.


 As the song goes, you may not be able to get to heaven on the Frankford El, but you can certainly get to a lot of other places!

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