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Raced the Bus, and the Runners Won!


Racethebusphoto 1400x1200 4.7.16

Well ISEPTAPHILLYers, it was quite a race! For those of you that decided not to brave the cold and distance, we'll recap. 

Yesterday, a few courageous runners raced the Route 17 Bus along its regular route at rush hour, seeing if they could beat the commute. 

Runners on their mark.

It was a tight 4.5 miles for some. For others, not so much.

We had 3 runners pull ahead early in the run, while still in South South Philly, and were able to keep pace in front of the bus for the entirety of the route.

Our first place runner, when he eclipsed the Route 17 early into the race. 

Our second place-er, flying by.

These speed racers were given ISEPTAPHILLY t-shirts as first prizes. 

Our winners. 

But the great thing about a race like this, is no one loses. Because everyone is treated to happy hour at Milkboy, thanks to the Clean Air Council

Cheers to a great run! 

And if you haven't signed up for the Run for Clean Air yet, you've still got time! And if you're a rider as well, take advantage of our SEPTA Pass Perk

We'll see you there! 

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