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SEPTA Runs Broad Street!

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The 39th Annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run returned to Philadelphia for another successful year on Sunday, May 6! More than 40,000 runners ran down Broad Street this year, continuing its legacy as the largest (and straightest) 10-mile race in the US.

Once again, SEPTA offered free transportation for runners on the Broad Street Line to the starting line and back from the finish line. This year, a whopping 83,605 people rode the the Broad Street Line on race day. That's almost double our Sunday average of 43,242! Whether you were a runner, cheerer, or just a regular passenger, thanks for riding!

While SEPTA is used to running under Broad Street all day every day, it wasn't until this year that we took to the pavement. The first-ever SEPTA Broad Street Run Team was formed, with SEPTA Employees taking on Broad Street along with thousands of others. They were easy to spot too, in their bright orange shirts boasting the Broad Street Line's personal record from North Philly to South Philly - 24 minutes, 57 seconds.

We're so proud of the team, with employees from departments all over SEPTA coming together to finish this iconic race! Check out their impressive times below:

Laurie St. Ange - 1:29:26 - 8:56/mi

James Bannan - 1:26:40 - 8:39/mi

David Bannan - 1:35:01 - 9:30/mi

Kimberly Benedetto - 11:59:31 - 11:57/mi

Kenyon Benson - 1:19:05 - 7:54/mi

Grant Engel - 1:39:46 - 9:58/mi

Steve Ferzetti - 1:58:28 - 11:50/mi

James Furman II - 1:24:48 - 8:28/mi

Bob Geary - 1:59:40 - 11:57/mi

Shelly Jones - 1:50:53 - 11:05/mi

Ryan Lis - 1:29:18 - 8:49/mi

Patrick Miner - 1:19:24 - 7:56/mi

Tyesha Miley - 2:14:27 - 12:36/mi

Amy Pisciella - 1:34:48 - 9:28/mi

Geoffrey Phillips - 1:37:45 - 9:46/mi

Congratulations to the SEPTA Team, and to all the participants in the 39th Annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run! See you next year!

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