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Your Views of Philly from a SEPTA Seat


My favorite journey is looking out the window. - Edward Gorey

We imagine Mr. Gorey must ride public transportation because it's truly the only transportation option that allows you to sit back and take it all in. Plus what has more windows than a bus or a train? Okay - maybe airplanes - but your view from above, while heavenly, is mostly this:

There are so many reasons to ride SEPTA. Taking public transportation has been proven to improve your fitness, make you safer, save you money, help the environment, and improve our city, to name just a few. But what we don’t always mention are the views - which are plentiful - due to the fact that SEPTA runs to all corners of the city, far and wide. And one of the many wonderful things about our city is how diverse each of these corners are from hiking trails, cityscapes, hipster hang outs, and everywhere in between. All of these different locations offer such a different perspective of the city, and SEPTA helps to frame that new perspective through our windows.

Whether it’s a bus through Center City...

Regional Rail on your way out of town...

or a ride towards the center of it all on the Market-Frankford Line...

...there are so many wonderful views to take into consideration.

What's your favorite view from your SEPTA seat? Is it one of the hundreds of murals that dot Philadelphia, or Boat House Row as you cross the Schuylkill River? How about your favorite restaurant or your old high school? Or is it simply your home station or bus stop after a long day of work? You can share your favorite view down below in the comments or better yet - enter our June Contest for a chance to win a July Anywhere TrailPass!

And stay tuned for more opportunities to share your view or views on social media. We’ve been following the #WindowWednesday hashtag, where folks post pictures of their view through the window of a plane, train, or automobile, and we love the idea. We'll start posting our own pics beginning Wednesday, June 6 with the hashtag #WindowWednesday. If you do the same, you will be eligible to win a SEPTA tote bag. Stay tuned for details! 

And as always, while out on your daily travels, don’t forget to show us your sights! Use the hashtag #ISEPTAPHILLY to give us a peek into your journey.

Happy riding!

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