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A Confident Ride

March 11, 2022

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As part of its ongoing commitment to provide a safe and clean traveling environment, SEPTA is piloting a new system to provide customers with real-time information about the cleanliness status of the vehicles in which they are traveling. SEPTA has partnered with a local mobility company, Locus Mobility, to roll out the SITE (Sanitary Interior Travel Environment) program. The pilot launches Monday, March 14, 2022 on SEPTA's Trackless Trolley fleet - Routes 59, 66 and 75.

SITE, a platform created by Locus Mobility, was designed to help public transportation providers manage their cleaning protocols and give customers confidence that vehicles are cleaned frequently and thoroughly.

SITE is built on 3 principles:

  • Transparency: Giving riders real-time information about the vehicles in which they’re traveling.

  • Objectivity: Leveraging a third party (Locus Mobility) to host vehicle cleanliness data and ensure all data is accurate as it is presented to riders.

  • Usability: Making cleanliness data easy to understand to help riders evaluate their level of comfort while traveling in the vehicle

SEPTA is continuously performing routine and needed services daily to its fleet of vehicles. These services serve as an ongoing effort to protect the public while traveling on any of its vehicles. There are 3 services that are routinely and daily conducted on its vehicles. These services are:

House Cleaning Tasks

  1. Check Ceiling/Staunching

  2. Check HVAC Filter Door

  3. Check Windows & Frames

  4. Check Seats & Frames

  5. Wheel Chock In Place

  6. Access Doors Secure (latched)

  7. Drivers Area Clean

  8. Interior Swept

General Cleaning Tasks

  1. Sweep bus interior

  2. Remove all graffiti

  3. Spray gum remover on the floor

  4. Wipe-down drivers area and front of the bus

  5. Wipe-down passenger section: walls, seats, ceiling, handrails, etc.

  6. Clean all interior glass and mirrors

  7. Scrape all gum off floors and steps

  8. Scrub back of passengers seats with brush/detergent

  9. Scrub floor and front and center steps

  10. Wipe dry all passenger seats

  11. Mop dry floors and steps

  12. Scrub interior of front/center doors, step well areas

Disinfecting Tasks

  1. Drivers Area 

  2. Front of bus

  3. Interior Windows & Frames

  4. Interior glass and mirrors

  5. Passenger section: Walls 

  6. Passenger section: Seats

  7. Passenger section: Back of Seats

  8. Passenger section: Ceiling

  9. Passenger section: Handrails

  10. Interior Glass and Mirrors

  11. Floors and Steps

Look for QR Codes on Trackless Trolley Routes 59, 66 and 75!

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