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America Recycles Day

November 14, 2022

Tomorrow - Tuesday, 11/15 - is America Recycles Day® (ARD). A Keep America Beautiful® national initiative - it is the only nationally-recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States.

Every America Recycles Day - we recognize the importance and impact of recycling which has contributed to American prosperity and the protection of our environment.

DYK the recycling rate has increased from less than seven percent in 1960 to the current rate of 32 percent.

An EPA study found that recycling and reuse activities in the United States accounted for 681,000 jobs and $37.8 billion in wages.

SEPTA aims to minimize the amount of waste generated at passenger stations, facilities, and construction sites - and maximize the amount of that waste that is reused or recycled. Recycling avoids filling landfills, decreases pollution, and reduces life-cycle energy and raw material use.

SEPTA maintains a 25% diversion rate for waste produced by passengers and an 80% diversion rate for waste produced by employees at SEPTA buildings and facilities. A diversion rate is the percentage of total waste that is reused or recycled. 

SEPTA will continue to support recycling programs at facilities, seek new ways to reduce and reuse its waste products, and improve recycling accessibility for passengers. SEPTA is proud that educational outreach and investments in combo waste and recycling units have produced significant growth in both employee and passenger recycling rates to date. 

We'll be celebrating Tuesday with our partners at Philadelphia International Airport. We'll be in Terminal B/C Food Court from 9AM to 1PM. We'll be giving out SEPTA IS THE GREEN WAY TO GO t-shirts to everyone who has a SEPTA Key card while supplies last!