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Getting There: The ISEPTAPHILLY Blog

April's "Reducing Your Carbon Footprint" Contest

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The end of the month brings about the end of another one of our contests! At the beginning of the month, we told you that for every mile you don’t drive, you reduce your carbon footprint by one pound. We asked you to tell us where you ride SEPTA, and how much that reduces your carbon footprint. We received over 350 entries over the past few weeks, and while we wish we could have picked all of them as winners, we had to break out our trusty hat to find out who would get the grand prize of a monthly TrailPass. And that lucky winner is Jamie S.!

Jamie said:

 “I love taking SEPTA to Wild Mutation Records in Kensington! I take the MFL from 46th Street Station to York-Dauphin Station and walk the rest of the way. It’s 16 miles round trip from my house, so I reduce my footprint by 32 pounds. Also, driving really sucks, so it’s a win-win, really.”

We’re glad we could help, Jamie!

In the hundreds of responses we received, we learned so much about how and why you use SEPTA. Nearly half of the responses talked about riding SEPTA to work or school. Dozens talked about riding SEPTA to museums, parks, and theaters throughout Philadelphia and the region. And many were riding the Broad Street Line to NRG Station to head to the stadiums to cheer on our Philly teams.

When we add up all of the trips from all of the submissions, we found that these SEPTA trips alone (we know there are more out there!) reduce the carbon footprint by over 913,500 lbs every year!

Congratulations on doing your part in reducing carbon emissions! Thanks to you - we can all breathe a little easier!

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