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Arsenal Interlocking Reconstruction Project - Phase I


SEPTA will rebuild the mainline infrastructure on the Media/Elwyn Line between 30th Street and Arsenal Interlocking. This work will take place in three phases, beginning in May 2018.

Phase I will take place on Saturday and Sunday, May 5-6 & 19-20, 2018 with shuttle service substituting for ALL trains between Elwyn and 30th Street Station.

Please note, the INBOUND and OUTBOUND shuttle bus scheduled departure times are different than the regular weekend train times.

Express Bus Service towards Center City departs Elwyn Station with stops at Media, Moylan-Rose Valley, Wallingford, and Swarthmore and then EXPRESS to University City and 30th Street. For travel between Swarthmore and 49th St. Stations, transfer to the LOCAL bus at Swarthmore.

Local Bus Service operates between Swarthmore and 30th Street, stopping at ALL stations. Trains will depart 30th Street at :15 pas the hour for travel to Suburban, Jefferson, and Temple University Stations.

Express Bus Service going towards Elywn departs 30th Street and will stop at University City and then EXPRESS to Swarthmore. Bus will make stops at Wallingford, Moylan-Rose Valley, Media, and Elwyn.

Local Bus Service operates between 30th Street and Swarthmore, stopping at ALL stations. For travel between Swarthmore and Wallingford, Moylan-Rose Valley, Media, and Elwyn, transfer to the EXPRESS bus at Swarthmore.

Download the Express and Local Shuttle Bus and Train Timetables as a PDF. You can also look for signage posted at Center City and Media/Elwyn stations with schedules and bus boarding information.

Shuttle bus operators will accept Tokens, Cash (Exact fare required), Passes, Rail tickets and of course SEPTA Key Travel Wallet.

Dates, service information, and additional project information for Phase II and Phase III of the Arsenal Interlocking Reconstruction Project will be posted prior to construction at stations and online

Additional information about the Arsenal Interlocking Reconstruction Project is available in the Infrastructure section of the Regional Rail Service Improvement Program microsite.

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