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Back on Track

August 26, 2021

They're back!!

Beginning Monday, August 30, 2021, the trolleys will be back on the 101 and 102 trolley tracks between 69th Street Transportation Center and Media (Orange Street) and Sharon Hill Station. No more shuttle buses!

This is just in time for new schedules!

Thank you for your patience over the past three months as SEPTA and third party forces were able to complete critical infrastructure needs along both the 101 and 102 Trolley Lines in Delaware County.

SEPTA crews and third party forces were able to successfully install a new signal controlled interlocking at Walnut Street intersection, new concrete grade crossings at Spruce, Broad and Walnut Streets, continue to work on the Communications Based Train Control Signal System, extend a secondary track from North Street to Chestnut Street and rehabilitate and extend the North Street Inbound and Outbound platforms with ADA Compliant Curb cuts and Trolley Mod specifications.

SEPTA is committed to providing safe, reliable service to our customers and the communities we serve, and this outage allowed for the rehabilitation of signals and interlocking improvements, as well as rail signal modernization that will enhance operational reliability, on-time performance and service quality.

Reminder that all persons are required to wear a mask onboard all SEPTA vehicles.