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SEPTA Releases Draft of Proposed Changes To Bus Network

October 4, 2022

Bus Revolution - a key component of SEPTA's Strategic Plan - has reached a pivotal milestone with the release of draft proposed changes to the bus network.

To start, the authority introduced its Proposed Draft Bus Network at the kick-off Transit Talk on October 3, 2022. SEPTA shared the draft bus network and highlighted many opportunities ahead for engagement in October, November, and December.

The Proposed Draft Bus Network is the result of the public input that SEPTA received regarding two different scenarios for how the network could be redesigned, shared with the public in the spring.

The draft network balances the best qualities of the two scenarios by increasing the number of frequent routes in the system (routes running 15 minutes or better between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. seven days a week) while still preserving some of the options that survey respondents indicated they wanted in earlier phases of the project.

Core to the draft network is reflecting the project’s goals: Put the Rider First, Increase Access to Opportunity, Build Trust with Reliable Service.

To ensure robust public engagement, the Bus Revolution team is holding in-person Open Houses and virtual Community Conversations throughout the Fall - alongside online tools, focus groups, and stakeholder sessions.

“This is the most important time for riders and potential riders to share input and ideas about the proposed changes, which are still in draft form. We need your feedback to get this right,” said Leslie Richards, General Manager/CEO.

Open Houses will be in-person and taking place at accessible locations throughout SEPTA’s service area. These events are being planned in conjunction with community partners. They will focus on potential local impacts of the proposed changes of the redesign. Unlike traditional public meetings, these will be drop-in and shaped with a fall-fest theme, including food, activities, resource tables and more.

Bus Revolution Open Houses:

Bus Revolution Virtual Community Conversations will take place Monday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. These presentations will also be focused on the local impacts of the redesign and offer attendees the opportunity to ask questions and provide direct feedback to the technical team.

Click here to register for the above events.

In addition to the Open Houses and Community Conversations, people will be able to review and respond to materials on the Bus Revolution site. Materials will include maps of the existing and proposed networks, “Change Sheets’ that indicate how individual routes may change, and a Trip Planner on the Project Site and via the Transit App on Smartphones so people can compare how the new network may impact their trips. The site will also include updates on additional opportunities to learn about the project and provide input.

More info here.