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SEPTA Named a Finalist in IDC Government Insights' Sixth Annual Smart Cities North America Awards

March 20, 2023

IDC Government Insights named finalists this week [03/20/23] in the sixth annual Smart Cities North America Awards (SCNAA). The awards were designed to recognize the progress North American municipalities have made in executing Smart Cities projects as well as provide a forum for sharing best practices to help accelerate Smart City development in the region. Finalists include cities, states, counties, and universities.

As the next step in the awards process, IDC invites the public to vote on the named finalists at Voting will be open through March 31, 2023. Winners will be honored at Smart Cities Connect being held May 16-18 in Denver, Colorado. To learn more about the event, please visit

Finalists in the SCNAA illustrate best practice examples of how forward-thinking municipalities and regional governments are effectively leveraging technology and innovation to offer new services and economic opportunities and to meet the needs and expectations of residents, visitors, and businesses. 42 municipalities, states, and educational institutions are recognized for unprecedented progress in creating and sustaining smart city projects across the following 14 categories [we are a finalist for category 11]:

1. Administration (e.g., Back Office, Digital Legislating)

2. Civic Engagement (e.g., Open Data, City Portals, 311 apps)

3. Data-Driven Policing (e.g., Real-time Crime Centers, Officer Wearables, Video Analytics)

4. Next-Generation Emergency Services (e.g., Next Gen 911, Early Warning Systems)

5. Digital Equity and Accessibility (e.g., Public WiFi, Accessibility Services, ADA Compliance)

6. Economic Development, Tourism, Arts, Libraries, Culture, Open Spaces (e.g., Connected Museums, Event Management, Digital Currencies, Augmented Reality Tourism)

7. Education (e.g., Smart Campus, Smart Classrooms, Virtual Offerings, Online and Remote Services)

8. Public Health and Social Services (e.g., Addiction Monitoring and Prevention, Predictive Disease Management, Humanitarian Services)

9. Smart Buildings (e.g., Capacity Planning, Return-to-Work Programs, Sustainability and Security Systems)

10. Smart Water (e.g., Water Conservation and Management, Smart Metering, Waste Reduction Efforts)

11. Sustainable Infrastructure (e.g., Smart Lighting, Waste Collection, Environmental Monitoring, Resiliency)

  • Accelerating Climate Resilience with Data Science - Virginia Beach, VA

  • Air Quality and You (AQ&U) - Salt Lake City/Salt Lake County, UT

  • Transit Powered by the Sun: SEPTA's Elk Hill Solar Farm - Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority

12. Transportation (e.g., Connected & Autonomous Vehicles, Public Transit, Ride-Hailing/Ride-Sharing, Electric Vehicles, Universal Mobility)

13. Transportation Infrastructure (e.g., Parking, Transit Hubs; Traffic Management and Equipment for Connected and/or Autonomous Vehicles, EV Charging Infrastructure)

14. Urban Planning and Land Use (e.g., Permitting, Licensing, Inspection & Zoning, Digital Twins, Community Resiliency)

We appreciate ANY AND ALL VOTES! Please share with your friends and family!

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