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SEPTA Key 2.0 Survey Share Back

December 9, 2022

Earlier this summer/fall - SEPTA launched a MetroQuest survey to better understand the public’s priorities for potential and planned improvements for SEPTA Key 2.0.

Through the process - the outreach team received 4,408 survey responses representing 250 different zip codes in the Philadelphia region!

The MetroQuest survey received over 1,000 unique comments that were all reviewed and categorized during the survey analysis.

Through public engagement efforts - the project team heard the most prioritized features/policies would include the following:

✔️ Cheaper Initial Cost – Riders wat to buy a SEPTA Key card at a lower price.

✔️ Fare Capping – Riders want a fare policy that allows them to pay as you go and provides free rides after you reach the cost of a daily/weekly/monthly pass.

✔️ Multi-Rider Feature – Riders want SEPTA Key 2.0 to include a feature that allows multiple people to use the same card when riding together.

✔️ See Card Balance Upon Use - Riders want to see their exact account balance upon immediate use.

✔️ Use SEPTA Key for Other Systems – Riders want their SEPTA Key card to work on other transit systems such as Amtrak, NJ Transit, PATCO, Indego, Uber/Lyft, and/or DART

✔️ Use a Smartphone to Ride – Riders want to tap their smartphone at a reader using Google Pay, Apple Pay, or other applications.

The survey responses and comments allowed the project team to gain a better sense of the preferences and qualities that would enhance riders’ experience on transit. These priorities will inform SEPTA Key 2.0 improvements.

Thank you for taking the time in sharing your opinions and thoughts.

Your feedback is not only valuable - but also will help develop the next generation of SEPTA Key!