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Line of the Week

Line of the Week: 34

August 23, 2021

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This week, we're exploring the 34! The 34 is a Subway-Surface Trolley Line that runs from 13th & Market to 61st & Baltimore. The 34's one-way path distance is 4.9 miles, making it the shortest of SEPTA's Subway-Surface Lines. 

The original tracks for the 34 were installed by the Delaware County and Philadelphia Electric Railway Company as early as 1880 for horsecars running along Baltimore Avenue. With the arrival of the electrified trolley two years later, the line was extended westward to Angora. The 34 was called the "Angora Line" until 1911 when it was given the number 34.

In addition to Center City, the 34 also travels through University City, servicing Drexel UniversityUniversity of Pennsylvania, and the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania. The 34 connects with all Regional Rail Lines, the Market-Frankford Line, and 13 different bus routes at 30th Street Station. As it travels further west along its path, the 34 also connects with the Media-Elwyn Line and Bus Routes G and 46 at Angora Station

Riders should note: the City Trolley Tunnel will be closed during overnight hours to allow time for crews to perform maintenance work and deep cleanings at stations. The closure will be in effect from midnight to 5AM -  seven days a week - until further notice.

If you're planning on riding - you'll want to remember your SEPTA Key! This is your "key" to not just the 34, but to all of SEPTA! If you're using your SEPTA Key, fare will be $2, your first transfer will be free and your second transfer will only be $1. Not only that, but children under the age of 12 ride free when accompanied by a fare-paying adult!  And now, you can buy a Three Day Convenience Pass which is ideal for individuals who travel on SEPTA less than 5 days a week and visitors and tourists enjoying a multiple day stay in Philadelphia. The cost is $18 and it's good for 24 trips over 72 consecutive hours. Time starts with your first tap. It is meant for one rider. You can read up about fares here. And if you've never ridden the trolley before, check out this informative video on How to Ride and check out our Guide to Ride!

Masks are still required on all SEPTA vehicles. This isn't just to keep you safe, it's to keep everyone who rides SEPTA safe! Ensure your mask is covering both your mouth and your nose. And remember - vehicle capacity limits on SEPTA vehicles are now lifted.