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Make Perks Work - Volume 4

January 13, 2020


This is our fourth entry in the Make Perks Work series! You can check out Volume 3 here! Perks make your SEPTA Key more than just a ride! By taking advantage of Perks, you can recoup the cost of your TransPass or TrailPass.

Here's how:

Monday Morning: Purchase a Weekly TransPass for $25.50.

Monday Night: Get a free dessert at Maggiano's!

Savings: $8.50

Tuesday Morning: Be the office hero! Flash your SEPTA Key at Fitzwater Street Philly Bagels and save on your order of $20 or more!

Tuesday Evening: Skate around the Blue Cross Riverrink at the Delaware River Waterfront and save on admission!

Savings: $7

Friday Night: Get in to the Philly Home Show at the Convention Center for FREE when you flash your SEPTA Key at the door!

Savings: $13

Saturday Morning: Save on admission to the Penn Museum!

Saturday Afternoon: Save $10 on tickets to the Arden's production of The Snow Queen!

Savings: $12

That sounds like a busy, fun, week! And all told, it totals a savings of $40.50!

That's $13 more than the original price tag of $25.50 for your Weekly TransPass!

Make your Perks work for you, and have fun doing it!

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