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National Trivia Day

January 3, 2022

Trivia challenge blog

January 4th is National Trivia Day! We love trivia nearly as much as we love public transportation - so we decided to combine the two! Below are some SEPTA-related trivia questions. You can find the answers below.

Q1. When was SEPTA created?

A). 1945

B). 1952

C). 1963

D). 1968

Q2. When did electric trolleys first arrive in Philadelphia?

A). 1892

B). 1900

C). 1903

D). 1907

Q3. What was the name of the company that SEPTA bought out in 1968?

A). Transportation Company of Pennsylvania

B). Reading Railroad

C). Philadelphia Transportation Company

D). Northeastern Trolleys

Q4. In 1938, the Broad Street Line was expanded south to what station?

A). Walnut/Locust

B). Snyder

C). Oregon

D). NRG (formerly Pattison)

Q5. When did NRG Station get its current name?

A). 2010

B). 2016

C). 2018

D). 2020

Q6. What is the busiest route in all of SEPTA?

A). Norristown Highspeed Line

B). Broad Street Line

C). Paoli/Thorndale Line

D). Market-Frankford Line

Q7. When did the Market-Frankford Line make its first run?

A). 1899

B). 1907

C). 1911

D). 1922

Q8. What Market-Frankford Line Station had a ribbon-cutting to celebrate its renovations in June 2021?

A). 15th Street Station

B). 30th Street Station

C). Spring Garden Station

D). 5th Street Station

Q9. What was the name of the crew of SEPTA employees and local transit supporters that handed out masks to people riding SEPTA?

A). Mask Force Philly

B). Transit Mask Team

C). Masked Together

D). The Mask Task Team

Q10. When did the Route 49 begin service?

A). January 3, 2017

B). February 24, 2019

C). June 1, 2018

D). August 15, 2016


Q1-C Q2-A Q3-C Q4-B Q5-C Q6-D Q7-B Q8-D Q9-A Q10-B

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