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National Trivia Day

January 3, 2023

January 4th is National Trivia Day! We love trivia nearly as much as we love public transportation - so we decided to combine the two! Below are some SEPTA-related trivia questions. You can find the answers below.

Q1. How many counties in the Greater Philadelphia area does SEPTA serve?

A). 4

B). 2

C). 5

D). 1

Q2. The Market-Frankford Line is also known as the?

A). The El

B). The Metro

C). The Sub

D). The Frankford Line

Q3. What was the name of the company that SEPTA bought out in 1968?

A). Transportation Company of Pennsylvania

B). Reading Railroad

C). Philadelphia Transportation Company

D). Northeastern Trolleys

Q4. In 1984, which line did SEPTA took over from the Philadelphia, Germantown, and Chestnut Hill  Railroad?

A). Germantown Line

B). Chestnut Hill West Line

C). Manayunk/Norristown Line

D). Media/Elwyn Line

Q5. What was NRG Station’s previous Name?

A). Broad Street Station

B). PECO Station

C). AT&T Station

D). Sports Complex Station

Q6. What is the busiest route in all of SEPTA?

A). Norristown Highspeed Line

B). Broad Street Line

C). Paoli/Thorndale Line

D). Market-Frankford Line

Q7. When did the Market-Frankford Line make its first run?

A). 1899

B). 1907

C). 1911

D). 1922

Q8. This year, SEPTA celebrated the ____ anniversary of Frankford section of the MFL?

A). 50th

B). 15th

C). 20th

D). 100th

Q9. What is the name of the new SEPTA program created to promote safety on the system?


B). Mask Force Philly

C). Look Up Speak Up

D). Transit Police

Q10. What year was the Route 10 created?

A). 2012

B). 1906

C). 1978

D). 1956


Q1-C Q2-A Q3-C Q4-B Q5-C Q6-D Q7-B Q8-D Q9-A Q10-B