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Resolve to Ride!

January 3, 2023

Keeping with New Year's resolutions can be hard. We tend to make big, sweeping gestures to give up all desserts or to take long runs on the Schuylkill River Trail every day. But by mid-January – we’re back to old habits. Resolving to ride SEPTA in 2023 can help you tackle three resolutions that do not take much time or effort but are still life changing - and can impact the environment. 

1. Go Green – Ride SEPTA! Public transportation saves fuel, reduces an individual’s carbon footprint, and reduces congestion. Public transportation provides an immediate option individuals can take to reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Buses, subways, and trolleys are almost always better than driving a car because the more people traveling in a vehicle – the smaller the carbon footprint of each person. By increasing ridership on public transportation - more fuel is conserved, traffic congestion decreases, air pollution decreases, and the region's carbon footprint as a whole is reduced. We all have a stake in expanding public transportation use.

2. Save Money – Ride SEPTA! We're guessing we don't need to remind you that car ownership can be expensive. Besides the cost of gas and parking – maintaining a car or truck from the wear and tear of the road can be a large expense. According to AAA – the cost of owning and operating a vehicle can be around $8,558 a year.

There are so many opportunities to save money when you choose to ride SEPTA. With new products and programs including the Neighborhood FleX Pass and SEPTA Key Advantage you can keep more money in your pocket AND get around efficiently. And with Travel Wallet and SEPTA Key Tix - you can pay as you go and your first transfer is free! And don't forget Seniors 65+ and Kids 11 & Under ride free on all modes of travel!

And get this - you don't have to pay to join a gym to get exercise. Public transportation riders take 30% more steps per day than people who rely on cars and train commuters are 4 times more likely to reach 10,000 steps a day than those in a car - which proves SEPTA is good for your wallet and your waistline! 

3. Save Time – Ride SEPTA! What words come to mind when you think "traffic?" Snarled. Jammed. Crawled. Stand-still. These are terrible ways to start and end each day. Nothing is more frustrating than bumper to bumper traffic in the morning and risking the chance of being late to work. Instead of wasting time behind the wheel – let SEPTA do the driving and take back your commute. Make better use of your time doing what you want to do - like reading a book, completing a crossword puzzle, catching up on emails, or texting friends - all things you cannot do while driving a car. Forget the white knuckles and sit back and relax on your train, trolley, or bus.

So - if you're looking for new and creative New Year's resolutions - SEPTA is here to help. Just stick to these tips and find yourself on track to a better you and a better world!