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Go Time Playlist

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The October 2019 contest "Go Time" may have ended - but it's not over!

All month, we asked what you're listening to on your commute. We needed to ask because in consideration of your fellow commuters - you are kind enough to wear headphones or earbuds! We were overwhelmed by your incredible responses! All 627 entries!

We created a Spotify playlist to share the wide range of music listened to by SEPTA riders - including Beyonce, Led Zeppelin, Gladys Knight, and everything in between. At 271 songs and nearly 18 hours long, it should occupy quite a few of your commutes over the coming days!

One of the most common responses was Lizzo - 15 of you listed her as the number 1 person you're listening to right now!

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We also had a number of people say they listen to Metallica, Meek Mill, and even one person who is listening to Tchaikosky! 

Plenty of you said you weren't listening to music. We received dozens of entries listing podcasts like Armchair Expert or Good One. And quite of few of you said you prefer to read - which is great because October is National Book Month - or just zone out.

Believe it or not, this isn't the first playlist we've put together with your help. Back in April of 2018, we asked what song defines your SEPTA commute and from there crafted an 11 hour long list of songs based on your entries.

With about 29 hours worth of songs between the two playlists, one thing is for sure: you folks sure have great taste in music!

So what's your favorite song on the playlist? Or what do you think we should add to our next one? Comment below with your thoughts! And keep your eyes on the contest page for your next chance to win!

Thanks for riding! And for wearing headphones!

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