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Location: The Porch πŸ“

May 6, 2022

Hi SEPTA Rider! It’s your girl Leslie here and I’m back with a new location. This week, we’re headed out to The Porch! Nope, not the one in front of your house, but the one located at 30th Street Station.

The Porch is an outside area that features lunch from rotating food trucks, pop-up performances, lush landscaping, outdoor drinks in warmer weather, and plenty of places to relax. The music is presented by SEPTA Sounds, as we are the 2022 performance partner, and the tacos from Burrito Feliz are powered by PECO, who will present pop-ups and impacts throughout the upcoming season!

As a proud sponsor of The Porch, I wanted to tell all our riders how easy it is to get to this outside oasis.

My choice of transportation for this trip was Regional Rail. I started off at Jefferson Station and headed towards tracks 3 and 4. Fun Fact: at Jefferson Station, tracks 1 and 2 head towards Temple University and tracks 3 and 4 head in the direction of 30th Street Station. Knowing this, I didn’t look up any schedules. I tapped on and hopped on the next arriving train headed I the direction I needed to go. It is important to keep in mind this fun fact only applies at Jefferson Station.

30th Street Station is only 2 stops away from my starting point so it was a very quick ride. I hopped off the train, tapped off then made my way outside the station. The Porch was very easy to find as it is in plain site soon as I exit the building.

The area was so relaxing, and the weather was so perfect. I did not get to indulge in any food truck meals or musical performance because I arrived later in the day. Nonetheless, the atmosphere was so calming that I took a moment to myself and chilled on a swing before returning to taking pictures.

Once I was done enjoying the beautiful weather, I made my way back to the office. This time I took the El back to Center City. I got on a 30th Street and got off at 13th Street Station. The trip was just as easy as taking Regional Rail.

If you have a Regional Rail Weekly or Monthly Pass, you can ride Regional Rail for FREE!

Otherwise, I would recommend riding the El. The cost to ride the Market-Frankford Line, no matter the starting point, is $2.00 when utilizing Travel Wallet on your SEPTA Key card. The cost when using cash is $2.50 and must be exact change if paying the cashier or you can purchase a quick trip from a SEPTA Key fare kiosk.

If you’re looking for a cool chill spot to hang with your friends and family this season, The Porch in University City District is the perfect place and SEPTA is the #waytogo there!