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Show Off Your 📷 Skills Wrap Up!

June 1, 2022

Camera 2

Now that National Photography Month has come to an end, we wanted to highlight all the wonderful contest entries we received over the last month for our Show Off Your 📷 Skills Contest!

📷: Latyshia L - "Mornings aren’t complete without a ride on the El and a beautiful sunrise!"

📷: Reilly W - "Taking the express train to paradise (home)."

There is something about the rails and public transportation in general that draws photographers - professional and amateur - looking for that beautiful backdrop. In honor of National Photography Month (May) – we sought out your best SEPTA backdrop. Our SEPTA riders did not disappoint!

📷: Lindsey G - "Finally Friday"

📷: Monica L - "Ride off into the sunset"

📷: Miguel L - "Between the Rails"

📷: "Riding into the night."


We received over 80 valid entries of SEPTA views through the lens of our riders with cool captions and you can check them out below:

Aidan M – “Silverliner Vs dash past Franklin Field while a slow freight trundles above on the High Line.”

Alaina C – “We Ride at Dawn.”

Alan F – “I live in the Lehigh Valley but book travel departures from Philadelphia International Airport or 30th Street Station. For me, my trip begins in Fort Washington aboard SEPTA. My favorite days start with a train like this one.”

Alex B – “Subway-Surface Route 10.”

Angelica A – “For my daughter Abigail, riding SEPTA is like going on a fun trip. This is her first experience riding a subway. She keeps asking for more rides, we had a great time with SEPTA!”

Bob M – “Everyday art often overlooked”

Brenda F – “Broad Street Line”

Brenda F – “E-A-G-L-E-S!”

Brittney F – “I take septa everywhere I go! I take it to work, school and back to fourth to my therapy! Septa is so reliable, and I do not have to pay for insurance.”

Cesar B – “Doylestown Train Station. Shot in canon at -1 film camera.”

Chris S – “All aboard”

Christian S - "Riding into the night."

Chung L - "I love SEPTA and its staff. Always feel safe during my commute to and from work!"

Cynthia - "Hi I'm doing this for my husband he work 7 days a week "

Dan L - "City of Philadelphia from South Street Bridge by Penn Medicine Station"

Dan H - "South Broad Street around Chestnut, as an off-duty SEPTA bus charges through intersection just in front of a bicyclist on sidewalk."

Dan H - "I cannot resist a passing bus for its light streak blur potential. Turning the corner around City Hall. 1 sec. f/7.7 4.5 mm, ISO 800."

Daryia D - "Gabe enjoying his ride home on the 10 trolley."

Dennis M - "Job interview in the city using Septa to get around from having to deal with driving.. the service was great and accommodating. This picture is at 30th street station and awaiting my return home from a positive experience."

Donna W - "I’ve traveled on Septa since I was a young child riding to and fro , taught my children to ride when I started my family, they always felt if though it was an adventure from the Zoo to Penns Landing to taking a train to the Airport to watch the planes ✈️ take off or land remembering the different styles and designs of the buses, Big Silver, and Big Green Trolley cars."

Gabrielle D - "This was a picture I took last year from the spring garden st el platform. A storm was rolling in and made everything look very menacing."

Gary G - "Trolley passes connecting bus at 52nd Street & Lancaster Avenue."

Gary G - "Yasin enjoying the Number 10 Trolley on Lansdowne Avenue."

Henrissa S - "Sometimes the WRONG train can take us to the RIGHT place."

Henrissa S - "Life is a train… get on board."

Jack M - "We know you ride a lot."

Jared C - "Stay behind the yellow line."

Jared C - "Entrance of the Duat."

Jennifer S - "My son has autism and Septa is his expertise. His favorite thing it to “go watch the gates come down” . In the early days of the pandemic when there was nothing to do, we spent a lot of time just going to find all the stations."

Jermaine R - "40th Anniversary car arriving at 13th-Market"

John N - "Septa train seen from 30th Street Station with Philadelphia skyline in background."

John N - "Busy platform at 30th Street Station"

Justin B - "Sunrise on the El"

Kimberly R - "First ride into the city and it tuckered him out!"

Latoya J - "Though the weather outside is frightful….riding SEPTA was oh so delightful."

Leanne M - "Sunshine on the tracks"

Leanne M - "SEPTA and the Sunrise"

Leanna M - "Sunrise over Berks"

Liliana B - "My name is Liliana. I came to Philadelphia 16 years ago. When I first came, I realized how beautiful this city was. Day by day, I love this city more and more. Takeing pictures is my passion. I really enjoy traveling and looking around for beautiful places. Philadelphia is the best!" 

Liliana B

Liliana B

Lindsey G - "Finally Friday"

Lorraine P - "I am sure I road in this exact car about a hundred years ago! Taken at the Fern Rock Transportation Center."

Latyshia L - "Mornings aren’t complete without a ride on the El and a beautiful sunrise!"

Maliha C - "I commuted all 4 years of college. Every morning I'd take the train to from 69th street to Cecil B Moore. My life felt uneasy at the time but the murals were encouraging and reminded me that there is light at the end of a dark tunnel."

Mary Ann M - "The #11 trolley slips by the SEPTA maintenance shops late one spring evening."

Melissa M - "Bring it Broad"

Micah R - "Hello, home! (Photo taken on the bridge on Victory Ave)"

Micah R - "Evening twilight run out of Norristown"

Micah R - "Bound for New Jersey"

Miguel L - "Snowy SEPTA"

Miguel L - "Between the Rails"

Miguel L - "Berks Station"

Monica L - "Ride off into the sunset"

Nell J - "Who said the burbs weren’t poppin’?! View from Pennbrook Station in Lansdale."

Nell J - "Springtime Views from Penn Medicine Station!!!"

Omar G - "Foggy morning rides"

Omar G - "A great contest for all of us great photographers.. I wish everyone luck.. and continue to make service great for us riders daily..thanks!!"

Omar G - "I want my bed, where’s this train!"

Reilly W - "Taking the express train to paradise (home)."

Robert S - "A brace of Silverliner Vs, including a pair wrapped to honor the Philadelphia Eagles, round the curve approaching Berwyn on the Paoli/Thorndale Line."

Robert S - "A pair of SEPTA Silverliner IVs find a puddle of sunshine on the Media Elwyn Line as they cross the overpass above the Blue Route amid the lovely autumn colors of the Philadelphia region."

Sarah D - "Septa is the way to go to rest your legs and exercise your brain"

Sarah D - "Late night on the town? Septa has you."

Sarah D - "Septa brightens up travel with its art"

Scott G - "Bryn Mawr Station"

Sean M - "Silverliner Vs streak into North Philadelphia on a bright autumn afternoon."

Sharon W - "I Septaphilly at Night"

Silvia A - "Septa in the mist, in our midst."

Steve R - "Even Philly Jesus knows the best way to get to the Linc is on SEPTA’s Broad Street Line! #ISEPTAPHILLY #BSL"

Tania F - “Sunset on the Rails"

Tania F - "Running Late"

Tania F - "My name is Tania Figgs a North Philly native & passionate 10th grade high school teacher at Simon Gratz Mastery Charter High School. Photography has become my passion. It brings me peace."

Ted D - "Life—on the other side."

Tim H - "Warminster 4/5/22"

Tim H - "South towards Fern Rock after Halloween"

Tony D - "I took a pic of my brother by the route 4 bus at the NRG station"

Tristan A - "Riding the West Trenton line on my way to Woodburne and met CSX Q410 near Edgewood RD"

Tyler H - "I am a disabled rider and I love septa. I commute to school and my special program for individuals with special needs 😊"

Valerio P - "Busses at Penn’s Landing"

Valerio P - "Paoli Tower"

Valerio P - "Blizzard in Claymont"

William S - "Silverliner IV on a foggy morning at Jenkintown-Wyncote."




Septa mi 300x250 v2