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Riding with Rhys

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Hey ISEPTAPHILLYers! Have you noticed anything different about the announcements in your SEPTA stations? That voice on the loudspeaker is none other than Phillies left fielder Rhys Hoskins!

Rhys Hoskins has been playing for the Philadelphia Phillies since the end of the season in 2017. Before he was a Phillie, Rhys played at Sacramento State in California, where he also grew up. Since coming to Philadelphia, Rhys has been a valuable player in the field and at bat. On June 27, he became the fastest player in franchise history to reach 30 career home runs. On July 3, Rhys set another franchise record, becoming the fastest Phillies player to reach 100 career RBIs!

Since moving to Philadelphia, Rhys has also become an avid Philly sports fan, cheering on the Eagles in the Super Bowl and the Sixers in their exciting playoff run. See if you can guess why we love this picture he took at a Sixers game so much!

In June, Rhys came to SEPTA Headquarters to record some new station announcements for our passengers.  Our newest SEPTA ambassador can be heard telling riders to, “stand behind the yellow line,” “hold onto your child’s hand.” Next time you''re waiting for your train, keep your ears out for these important messages from Rhys:

  • Be aware of your surroundings.

  • Do not stand or lean into the path of an incoming vehicle.

  • Hold onto your child's hand when waiting for the train, trolley or bus.

  • Do not run for buses, trains, trolleys or attempt to board a moving vehicle.

  • Stand behind the yellow line on the station platform.

  • Toss trash and recyclable items in designated bins on station platforms.

  • Keep personal belongings with you at all times while traveling on the bus, subway, trolley, and train.

  • NEVER attempt to board or exit a moving train.

  • It’s difficult to hear or see approaching trains, trolleys and buses if you’re listening to music or focused on your phone.

  • Toss trash and recyclable items in designated bins on station platforms.

  • By choosing to ride SEPTA, you’re making Philly a less congested, less polluted, and overall more pleasant place to live. That’s what I call a home run!

Our day with Rhys didn’t just include recording [very important] messages for our riders. We also took a few pictures of him the SEPTA Broad Street Line! We thought the Broad Street Line was a natural fit for Rhys, because as real Philly sports fans know, the Broad Street Line is the best way to from home to the home game. Just ask SWOOP and Franklin!

Look for the photos of Rhys at bus stops and stations all around Center City.  The Phillies star can be spotted on digital bus shelters along Market and Walnut Streets and, digital screens at trolley and subway stations, in Dilworth Park, AT&T Station, Jefferson Station, and Suburban Station.

Thanks to Rhys for taking time from his busy schedule to spend a morning with SEPTA! Comment below if you’ve seen or heard Rhys Hoskins on your SEPTA commute. Oh, and GO PHILLIES!

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