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Getting There: The ISEPTAPHILLY Blog

Route of the Week - Route 104


This week, we'll be exploring Bus Route 104. This route stretches over 21 miles from 69th Street Transportation Center in Upper Darby to West Chester University. 

Spending most of its path on West Chester Pike, Route 104 passes dozens of stores, restaurants, bars, and offices which makes it the perfect route for thousands of people going to work and school every day. In fact, it services about 3,500 across its 111 daily trips, operating from about 4a to 2a.

This bus route traces its history back to 1895, although at that point it was a trolley route. It didn't become a bus route until 1958, and didn't reach as far as West Chester University until 2002.

This Friday, 12/6, the town of West Chester will host its 40th annual Christmas Parade, in which it invites marching bands from all across the area to participate.This event draws thousands of people into the town, so if you're planning on going, avoid the headache of finding parking and take Route 104 right into the heart of West Chester.

So hop the 104 and do some exploring!

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