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Regional Rail

Understanding Regional Rail

April 18, 2022

SEPTA is reimagining Regional Rail as part of our lifestyle network of frequent, all-day, and all-week services that connect people to destinations across the region. We want to make Regional Rail more useful for more people—not just 9-5 commutes to work.  

Regional Rail is often isolated from the rest of the SEPTA transit network, with some riders choosing other modes due to lower fares and more frequent service—even though Regional Rail is quicker.  

Understanding how Regional Rail works now is essential to making it better in the future. Our draft State of the System report, a deep dive on Regional Rail: who it serves, where they’re going, and why they chose to ride. Learn more about the challenges and opportunities that exist today. Our findings will serve as a basis for future efforts of the Reimagining Regional Rail Master Plan. Check it out here > >