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SEPTA Forward

SEPTA Shares Progress on SEPTA Forward Strategic Plan

May 5, 2023

SEPTA is advancing the goals laid out in SEPTA Forward - the Authority’s strategic plan.

An update on the Authority’s progress has been published in a new annual report posted here.

Published in February 2021 - SEPTA Forward provides a framework for SEPTA’s recovery from COVID and fosters a resilient, prosperous, and equitable future.

The annual report examines the work that has been done to meet those goals.

“Looking back over the last several years - SEPTA has made incredible strides,” said SEPTA General Manager/CEO Leslie S. Richards. “Thanks to the dedication, ingenuity, and passion of our employees - we not only survived the most tumultuous time in our history - we are better, we are stronger, and we will continue to evolve to meet the needs of the region.”

The strategic plan is organized around three goals that work together to achieve SEPTA’s vision:

• Develop a proactive organization --> SEPTA is an agile and responsive organization that makes the most effective use of its resources by investing in its people and working to build a diverse, inclusive, and empowered workforce

• Provide an intuitive experience --> The system is easy-to-use for all, regardless of familiarity, language, or ability, welcoming riders from across the world

• Deliver a seamless transit network --> SEPTA services work together, creating one unified, equitable network serving all types of trips

In order to track its progress - SEPTA established a set of organization-wide key performance indicators (KPIs) that are aligned with these goals. These KPIs will help to guide investment decisions, identify areas for improvements, and create accountability internally and externally.

Regular updates are available here