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SEPTA Seeks Input from Vendors to Develop Next Generation of SEPTA Key

July 13, 2021

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SEPTA is conducting an industry-wide review of fare collection systems and asking experienced vendors to submit ideas for improvements as part of “SEPTA Key 2.0.”

The Authority released a Request for Information (RFI) on June 28, 2021 seeking input and recommendations from entities that can provide valuable insight into the future of fare collection as part of its continued efforts on implementing its new strategic plan, “SEPTA Forward: A Vision for a Stronger Future”.

SEPTA Key has been established across all of SEPTA’s modes and has processed over 500 million transactions since its public launch in June 2016.

The Key propelled SEPTA from an era of tokens to a reloadable, contactless chip card that offers a host of options for seamless travel and self-service flexibility. Now, more than a decade after its design, the current SEPTA Key backend data-processing system is due for an upgrade to meet the expectations of today – and tomorrow. Updates are expected to include enhanced capabilities to use mobile devices for fare payment, expanded open payment functionalities, and further integration of the payment system with other mobility providers.

“SEPTA Key 2.0 will help ensure that we stay up-to-date with constantly-evolving fare collection technology,” said SEPTA General Manager/CEO Leslie S. Richards. “This is a critical investment in our customers, and an important part of SEPTA’s strategic plan.”

SEPTA Key 2.0 is one of several initiatives underway at SEPTA to unify the system, and will compliment efforts such as the Bus Revolution and initiatives aimed at expanding the rail transit network and strengthening accessibility.

The Authority has identified three SEPTA Key 2.0 program goals that directly correlate to the organizational goals in the SEPTA Forward strategic plan:

• Develop a Proactive Organization: Create an agile system that can be continually adapted to leverage the latest technology, increase operational efficiency, and meet the changing needs of both SEPTA and its riders

• Provide an Intuitive Experience: Provide easy-to-use and conveniently accessible rider-facing products and systems

• Deliver a Seamless Transit Network: Integrate products and solutions from across SEPTA and beyond – serving as a platform for partnerships with regional mobility providers

The RFI process is intended to help SEPTA gather the latest information, market intelligence and recommendations from experts with proven success in automated fare collection. This feedback will be used by SEPTA to formulate the core functionality for SEPTA Key 2.0. Interested parties must submit responses to SEPTA’s questions by Monday, August 9, 2021 at 3 p.m. For more information, click here.

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