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Late Night Service Changes

June 22, 2017

Due to an ongoing track improvement project, we're making adjustments to late night service on select Regional Rail Lines. This applies only to trains departing after 9:00p. These trains will experience in-service delays between Jenkintown-Wyncote and Fern Rock Transportation Center. Customers should prepare for additional travel time. This construction is expected to last now thru the end of October (18 weeks).

Which Regional Rail Lines are Impacted?

Airport, Lansdale/Doylestown, Media/Elwyn, Warminster, and West Trenton

Airport Line

Weekday service will terminate at Temple University Station for trains #466 (departing terminals at 9:07p - Alternate Option: Lansdale/Doylestown #594, departing Suburban at 9:50p, with stops at Melrose Park, Elkins Park Stations), #470 (departing terminals at 10:07p - Alternate Option, Warminster #472, departing Suburban at 11:05p), and #474 (departing terminals at 11:07p - Alternate Option: Lansdale/Doylestown #596, departing Suburban at 11:35p, with stops at Melrose Park, Elkins Park Stations)

Weekday Train #475 (departing Glenside at 10:23p) will be CANCELED, however, this train will still operate from Temple University (departing at 10:44p) with service to airport terminals. As an alternate for service from Glenside, customers should take Train #473 (departing Glenside at 9:51p) or Train #477 (departing Glenside at 10:51p)

Saturday & Sunday Train #476 (departing terminals at 11:37p) service will terminate at Temple University Station (Alternate Option: Glenside #478, departing Suburban at 12:35a)

Lansdale/Doylestown Line

Weekday Train #587 (departing Doylestown at 9:06p) will depart 20 minutes EARLIER at 8:46p and 10 minutes EARLIER between Lansdale and North Broad Stations (This train will depart Lansdale Station at 9:15p)

Weekday Train #591 (departing Doylestown at 11:07p) will depart 7 minutes LATER

Media/Elwyn Line

Saturday & Sunday Train #338 (departing Elwyn at 11:11p) will depart 15 minutes LATER

Warminster Line

Weekday Train #473 (departing Warminster at 9:30p) will depart 10 minutes EARLIER at 9:20p.

West Trenton Line

Saturday & Sunday Trains #331 (departing West Trenton at 9:03p), #333 (departing West Trenton at 10:03p), and #337 (departing West Trenton at 11:52p) will depart 10 minutes LATER. D-Stops will be added to these trains for service continuing to Elwyn Station. Train #338 (departing Suburban at 11:57p) will depart 15 minutes LATER with D-stops between Jenkintown-Wyncote and Yardley (D-Stops discharge or pickup passengers but may depart ahead of schedule)

Opposite Side Boarding at Melrose Park & Elkins Park Stations

While this work takes place, ALL trains will board from the INBOUND (toward Center City) platform at Melrose Park and Elkins Park Stations beginning at 9:30p and continuing until the end of the service day. This boarding location is scheduled to change in August. Please listen for station announcements or check System Status for updates or additional boarding and service information.