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Getting There: The ISEPTAPHILLY Blog

Transit Driver Appreciation Day


Meet Deneen. In addition to being a SEPTA Broad Street Line Operator, she is a great mother, cook, and lover of shoes. 👠

Deneen and all SEPTA Operators, Engineers, and Conductors deserve our THANKS for safely getting us where we need to be each and every day because frankly - they don’t have an easy job. For hours on end, these men and women work to keep a schedule, check fares, give directions, announce stops, assist passengers, and more. All while safely maneuvering an extra-large vehicle through unpredictable traffic, detours, stopped rideshares and delivery vehicles, tough weather conditions, and some really tight spaces! In honor of Transit Driver Appreciation Day on March 18, 2019 we're sharing some words of thanks from real SEPTA customers. Scroll down to enter your words of gratitude in the comment section below! We'll help to spread the word on social media!

Chaya: Thank you for always saying good morning, even if its 7:00 A.M., and most people look like they’d rather be in bed.

Brandon: I want to say thank you to all the operators of SEPTA for getting us to where we have to go on time and safety every day.   I want to specifically say thank you to Robin who operates bus 128.  I used to take her bus every morning when I worked at Neshaminy Mall.  She is a very nice bus driver.  When I use to take her bus I always got to work on time.  I like the way she have conversations with her passengers also.  Out of all SEPTA drivers i have to say she is the best one that i had.  So thanks again robin.  You are much appreciated!

Omar: First I would like to say thank you. Thank you for serving the community, your city. Everyone wakes up early in the morning, leaving their families behind coming to work to create a bright future for yourself, for your kids, for your family. Taking the 32, I’ve seen all types of bus drivers, smiling and saying good morning to every passenger. Working when it’s 5 degrees outside, when blizzard conditions are in the forecast and even on holiday. You make this city special; you get your passengers to their destination safely. Many passengers don’t realize the dedication and hard work you put in, but others do. I’m one of them. I wanted to thank you again. For making me feel safe, for smiling and making my day at my worst points in life.

Sean: Thanks to all the operators and conductors on the Lansdale/Doylestown Line! A long route everyday, but the staff does their best to keep things moving on time and always with a “Good Morning!”

Jennyfer: I am appreciative for SEPTA conductors and transit drivers for many reasons. They allow me to go places whenever I want. They safely get me to Temple University or City Hall. There's not a day that I don't feel safe riding a bus or the train. They safely and rapidly got me to the hospital when my sister got admitted. They safely get me to the grocery store or even to the doctors whenever I need to go. SEPTA conductors are what keep the city and the city people moving. Without SEPTA Philly wouldn't be the city it is today. Without the men and women working such hours and so hard, Philly wouldn't be the amazing city it is today. I am appreciative of SEPTA conductors because they allow me to live life peacefully in the city.

Chenise: I was always taught to speak to people in passing. So as a daily SEPTA rider, I’m always speaking to the drivers. Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening, you know depending on the time of day. I’ve had a few drivers crack a smile and say I was sometimes the only person that greeted them. Once my ride is complete I always end it with Thank you and have a good day. I think that’s beyond important to let your driver know they are appreciated. Its tough working with the public so let these great SEPTA Drivers know how great of a job they are doing!!

Nicole: Thanks for getting us to where we need to be safely has possible.

Owen: Thank you all for everything you do. Conductors and Assistant Conductors are under appreciated. So many people think all they do is collect fares, but they do so much more. They have to do that, plus making sure that all the right doors open and none of the wrong ones do, making sure the brakes work and are set right, all while keeping all passengers as safe as possible. Locomotive engineers and trolley, sub/el, and bus operators also do way more than people think. They have to know about every single part and operation of their very large vehicle. Any time there's a problem, they're always very proactive and make sure whatever needs to be done is done, all while keeping their passengers completely safe, including having to make the tough decision sometimes to evacuate to another vehicle. All of these men and women are such knowledgeable, hard-working people and should be appreciated way more than so many members of the public do. Safety is everything and I personally always feel so safe on SEPTA's services because I know only the best of the best are keeping me safe, while still getting me to my destination as fast as they can, and for that, I commend all of you.

Margot: Thank you to the hard-working transit operators, engineers and conductors at SEPTA! I am a senior at Temple University graduating this May. I have been dependent on SEPTA transportation throughout my entire undergraduate career to safely get to jobs/internships/explore the beautiful city of Philadelphia. Being one who is absolutely terrible with directions, I am the customer who frantically runs up to you begging for help to get to my destination. I appreciate your ability to kindly direct me no matter how silly my questions are: Does this train take me to Trenton Transit Center? "Yes ma'am, this is the Trenton Line." Thank you for overseeing the safe and efficient operation of SEPTA locomotives! All of you are appreciated more than you know! "

Jake: Thank you to all the SEPTA workers. Thank you to the conductors who make sure I don’t fall down the stairs and thank you to the master control operators who make sure that Acela isn’t on the wrong track.

Salem: Thank you SEPTA workers for keeping us informed and safe.

Chris: I would like to say thank you to all the operators who serve all of SEPTA’s districts everyday of the week, especially in the toughest storms and conditions. You do us proud to serve the system and the city of Philadelphia & other surrounding counties.

Frances: I just like to say Thank You to everyone at the 69th Street Terminal for the great work they continue to do day in and out.

Val: Thanks for working when the rest of us have snow days!!

Hashanie: I would like to thank Driver Brown. She used to drive block 5504 on the number 54 bus. She was always on time and friendly!

Miriam: I just want to thank all the workers from the Frankford depot. They provide excellent service to everyone. Not only from the drivers, but to the booth workers, and maintenance they always do their job. I do believe Frankford has some phenomenal people working for them. Thank you for all the great service you guys provide.

James: I cannot begin to express my enjoyment with my SEPTA transit drivers! They are always polite and courteous, help me down from the train when I need it and get me from point A. to B. in a timely fashion. Thank you to all of you, for without your help I don't know what I would do.

Robert: Almieda P is her name. My favorite conductor of all time who just happens to be on RR / #9230 / Newark to CC. Anyone who has been blessed enough to be in her presence knows that she emits an extraordinary amount of energy and sunshine. Outside of SEPTA, we are just two strangers but on the train she feels like family. If I’m on the #9230, chances are I’m extremely late for work and probably not in the best of spirits... but when I get to see Almedia hop off the train with her infectious smile, welcoming passengers to the rail car and then we have our little chat while she validates my trailpass... it just make the journey all worth it. Almieda, thank you for your service, your smile, your professional demeanor, and your hospitality. It’s conductors like you that make SEPTA a best in class transportation system. Thank you for all that you do!

Ebony: Mr. Calvin who drives the 6:03pm L bus is the kindest bus driver i have ever met. He’s super nice to my 18 month old son who enjoys waving to him as he pulls up to our stop on old York road and always tells us to get home safe at the end of our journey home. I wish Mr. Calvin all the best. Thanks SEPTA.

Valencia: I just want to say thank you to all the bus drivers that put up with all the attitudes and crazy people that get on the buses all the time. Even though people irritate, irk, harass and push your buttons, you guys keep your cool and rise above the situation. I commend and applaud you all.

Joanna: Thanks for all you do to keep us safe and get to our destinations on time

Jon: I’d like to say thank you to all the hard working operators at SEPTA. From the bus drivers, to the train drivers, to the customer service reps, all the way to the maintenance people and management. Sales clerks too! Keep up the great work. You ALL keep Southeastern Pennsylvania moving!

Robin: Thank you for driving the train that I ride every day back and forth to work every day for many years

Joe: I honestly couldn't make a living or make it to work without you guys and gals. Thank you so much for always being there to give me a ride.

Catherine: I take the Frankford Terminal to and from work every day. Thanks to El operators for keeping me safe and getting me to work on time!

Timmara: I would like to give a special thanks to one bus driver, his name Is Wendell and he drives the 55 route and 23. Every time I encounter him on any bus he is pleasant towards all customers that enter the bus. No matter the issue it is always solved with him. He shows great communication skills and is always looking to make everyone smile.

Molly: I always appreciate the conductor on train 2509 from Norristown to Center City who greets everyone over the intercom when we pull into Jefferson/Suburban with "wake up! Time to start your day!" and wishes everyone a good day as they depart the train. His positive, glowing attitude never fails to make me smile and it really does start my day off on a good note. Thank you for all you do; it doesn't go unnoticed!

Josh: Thanks to the crew of the Warminster Line those Guys and Gals get me to and from work every day safely.  I appreciate the smiling faces in the morning when I don’t want to go to work.

Carla: Thanks for the ride!

Patricia: I can't remember his name but I just love seeing the conductor with the light up ties!  After a long day at work, it makes me laugh to see what creative tie he is wearing and it’s a great conversational piece!  Thank you Mr. Creative Cool Tie Conductor!  I've enjoyed your ties for over the last 10 years!

Jonathan: I am giving a special note of appreciation to Len from the Chestnut Hill East line for doing a fantastic job every evening on my ride home! He keeps us informed and entertained.

Gabrielle: Hakim is the best SEPTA sub operator ever!!!!! He’s also a great husband, father, brother, uncle and friend he also have a big smile on his face and is silly and knows how to cheer a person up. Thank you Mr. Gantz and SEPTA

Jill: Not too long ago I left my wallet on the train. I stood up to get off the train without realizing that I left my wallet behind in the seat. I don't know who it was but someone working on the train that night saved my wallet and all that was inside. I am forever grateful to that SEPTA worker and all of the honest men and women working to make my commute a safe one. Thank you!

Zyaira: Dear SEPTA engineers, conductors, & operators my name is Zyaira and I am very thankful for all the work you guys do. Getting to school & work is a struggle when you don’t have a car bit knowing that there are hundreds of workers going out of their way to make sure i can get to school, work etc... Safe makes me very happy and grateful. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication. Peace & blessings.

Suzanne: Thank you for your patience with difficult passengers and bad traffic. I really appreciate it when you waited for me when I am not at the bus stop and see me running to catch the bus. You must have the patience of a saint to deal with everyday events. Most of all thank you for getting everyone safely to their destinations.

Samantha: I would like to thank all men and women for keeping the riders updated for the train schedules every month and year. Really appreciate everything you do to make me and other SEPTA riders be safe out in the community and in the weather. Thank you SEPTA conductors, transit operators and engineers.


Joanna: I appreciate SEPTA Transit operators, engineers and conductors for the hard work they do daily by keeping riders safe every day. It's not easy multi-tasking while maintaining the safely of passengers. Thanks for making me feel safe when traveling to and from work. I ❤SEPTA!

Roger: Thanks to all the operators and conductors that tried their best to make our journey safe, on time, and delightful! Thank you!

Candice: Thank you so much for all of your hard work! Everything you do is so very appreciated by all of us in Philly!

Stephanie: To All SEPTA Staff, Happy Transit Driver Appreciation Day (which should really be every day)! Thank you so much for all that you do. Without you, there wouldn't be a Regional Rail and I would be stuck in traffic on 76 West every day. It's as bad as it sounds. Unfortunately, a lot of times your jobs go thankless and you are the first people blame or complain to. However, after taking the Regional Rail to work for the past 3+ years, I am well aware that the only thing you are trying to do is get everyone to their destination as safe and on time as possible. Sometimes the trains need to stop and it is for a reason. Thank you for always using your best judgment to get everyone where they need to be. Also, a special thank you to all conductors who make sure all passengers follow the rules of the quiet ride car–I love being able to read en route in silence every day.

Christina: Dear SEPTA Operators, Thank you for braving all types of weather, traffic, crowds, and unexpected events to ensure that I get safely to and from work each and every day.  As someone who does not drive, I do not take for granted your hard work and dedication, especially with such a grueling schedule as yours.  Because of you, my life is a little easier. Thanks for all you do for daily SEPTA passengers like me! Happy Transit Driver Appreciation Day!

George: If I could I would hug every employee just to let them know that they are appreciated. 

Prashant: The smile on the face of the operators is always inviting. Thanks for starting my day with a happy face :)

Elisha: Thank you SEPTA drivers for helping the community get from one place to another in a safe fashion. Your hard work is appreciated even if some of the riders don't show it.

Emily: I would like to thank all of the people who work for SEPTA. There are times when you have to put up with a lot of crap, but you do it with stride. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Gail: Thank you for a nice safe ride everyday to work. You all are just great.

Michele: SEPTA's train operators, engineers, and conductors deserve the utmost respect. Without them the transit system would completely fall apart. We rely on them not only to keep the system running, but to also keep us safe. Whether we are seasoned travelers or new to the system they offer assistance to us to get us where we need to go. I am thankful for them every day and truly amazed at their level of professionalism.

Ryan: Thank you for everything that you do operators! You all make the city move and bring radiance with the work that you do!

Felicia: To the thoughtful bus drivers who pick me up in the wee hours of the morning, to the train operators who open their doors after already closing them and getting me to work, to the informative window tellers who keep me in the loop, AND to the entire SEPTA team for getting me where I need to be on time, thank you .

Trina: Transit drivers: they keep us secure. Our timeliness they always ensure. Onward they come in a tunnel with lights. Through long days and longer nights... Show your appreciation -- say, "Bonjour!"

Kia: Dear Conductors... Thank you for all the hard work you do every day. Thank you for getting all your passengers safely to where they need to go. They might not tell you everyday but I will Thank you for all you do. So be blessed and stay safe. Thank you.

Stephanie: Thank you so much for the long hours, short breaks, and tired eyes to get us where we need to be each day. Without you half of the Philadelphia region would be able to get decent jobs or their kids to school. You mean more than you know.

Cathy: There is a driver on the 59 route who is very polite and very conscientious. He is very polite and very helpful. I like his swag.

Brooke: Thank you for your dedication to keeping riders safe! It takes flexibility, tact, and teamwork to manage so many riders on the go. I appreciate each and every SEPTA employee for running like a well-oiled machine. Your work does not go unnoticed! Keep up the good work!

Monique: Just wanted to send a special thanks to my 36 trolley driver Russell. He’s always on time and always makes me smile when welcoming me aboard. I can tell he enjoys driving and getting his fellow Philadelphians to places they need to be in a professional and on time manner. He is a great driver and funny guy! I appreciate his experience!

Tyler: There are no equivalents to SEPTA operators. They are not only role models in our communities because of their genuine, hard-working nature, but also because of their dedication to a position that is in full-service to others. Dedicating one's life to public service is no easy task, but SEPTA operators do it with ease and professionalism. They are also dependable. We all live busy lives - busier now than ever before - and SEPTA operators ensure we spend the least amount of time necessary on public transportation. After all, they understand that there is so much more to get done in one day than to wait on, or for, a train, bus or trolley. And finally, SEPTA operators are life-savers. Literally and figuratively. They literally save lives with their safety awareness and problem resolution skills. They also figuratively save lives with their strict adherence to schedules and consistency. Without them, many of us would never have made it to that meeting on time, been present for that first date, or made it to that memorable event. In the end, SEPTA operators are the glue that holds this city together in bad weather, during busy events, and at life's craziest, most stressful moments.

Lana: I greatly appreciate all the SEPTA drivers but especially the ones that drive the 47 bus. I take the 47 everyday with my 2 year old and the drivers are always so patient and helpful, they make riding the crowded bus a little easier. I just want to thank all the drivers and tell them to keep up the good work! Not everyone shows it but they are greatly appreciated!

Christopher: What can I say which hasn't already been said by myself, as well as the innumerable masses whom take SEPTA on a daily weekly, monthly, or yearly basis!? Not to mention tourists, and/or first time transplants. SEPTA takes you places far beyond the reach of just the inner city depths. Whether I am taking the trolleys and buses in the city, or whether I am going to the suburbs via the NHSL or the Regional Rail, I tend to enjoy the ride thanks to the operators and conductors, so I just have to say thank you for 26 years of excellence. Safety to and from the various places I had resided in the city over the years is one of the reasons I can say thank you. Thanks!

Amanda: I would like to thank my bus drivers for always being on time, rain or shine, and being incredibly helpful every day. My driver on the 56 in the morning always greets me and everyone else, wishes us a good day, and just brightens up my day on the way to work - even when I am having a bad morning.

Jaquira: I wish I knew her name. She is the El train operator that arrives at 15th street going westbound around 8:35am on the weekdays. She is very pleasant and makes my ride in to work less stressful.  he reminds us to take our belongings; she keeps us updated on delays and ALWAYS wishes us a happy rest of the day. Thank you unknown train operator. Next time I will get your name! :)

Kevin: Whether I’m on the bus or riding alongside it on my bike in traffic, I always feel safe around SEPTA bus drivers! They are honestly the only drivers on the road who aren’t busy with their cell phones!

Amy: I'd like to thank my route 45 driver Ms. Celeste, she is always very pleasant and greets all her riders with a smile and knows all of her regular riders.

Dokun: Thank you for your work! Honestly being a public transit worker in Philadelphia of all cities proves itself time and time to be difficult! The weather, the sometimes wild riders, and so much more, yet I never see unprofessional behavior. Keep up the great work!

Kim: Dear SEPTA conductors, you not only drive subway trains, but are also the driving force for the future. Each day, you give people the opportunity to get to and from work, so they can make a living and care for their families. You give children the opportunity to get to and from school, so that they may receive an education and someday make a living of their own. Lesser known, you give everyone the opportunity -- whether you're making friends with strangers, conversing with fellow sports fans/rivals, watching the Broad Street Line dancers, or giving money to the homeless -- to connect with one another if we weren't on the same train. We invest in you because you care about our future and safety. Thank you for what you do every day, 24/7.

Bridget: THANK you to all of the SEPTA workers for all of the work you put in to keep the city running! I use regional rail, subway, and buses and I know that it is a hard and stressful job, but the drivers and conductors always do their jobs well with a smile on their faces. Thank you again!

Kailey: To all SEPTA Transit Operators, Engineers, and Conductors - Thank you for getting me to work every single day. Your optimistic attitude, without complaint, helps me to find positivity in even the most chaotic days. Whether its rain, shine, snow, or dry, I can always count on you to get me there on time. In winters, your heated seats comfort me in the coldest of times. Your kind words on the loud speaker reassure me that there really is good people in the world who are willing to go out of there way for me. But why me? I would have never imagined strangers to be committed to strangers. SEPTA Transit Operators, Engineers, and Conductors, you keep me free of any dangers. And with that I could never be more appreciative of your service. Thank you.

Erik: As a child, I wanted to become a SEPTA operator. I collected all of the timetables, and as I rode the routes I announced the stops as we would approach them. My neighbors had fun with me as I memorized routes and route numbers, and it has served me well to this day. I never got to work as an operator, but in the last few years I've had the joy of meeting a number of them via SEPTA Facebook groups. They are dedicated women and men who spend long hours getting folks where they're going. The front lines are not for the faint of heart! Stay strong, SEPTA Operators. We love and respect you.

Benjamin: Sending many thanks to the hard-working women and men of the Airport Line - always a safe and friendly way to head to the airport. Plus, their high spirits and welcoming attitude, around the clock, makes SEPTA the only way I like to return to central Philadelphia after travels elsewhere.

Katherine: For the fabulous operators of the 10 Trolley, Many thanks for waiting for me to load my big heavy carts of school supplies onto the trolley and for stopping at a green light when I'm waiting to cross to get on in the rain. You are appreciated!

Natalie: Thanks to all the men and women who work on the West Trenton, Landsdale and Doylestown lines! Without you we would be lost!

Seth: Hey everyone thanks for keeping my family and I safe no matter what form of SEPTA we use. You all rock at your jobs and showing kindness compassion to all. Sorry about football season we as a city can be a lot. You all do a phenomenal job keeping us in line and getting us home. Thank you much love, The Brodersons.

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