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Bus Revolution

Bus Revolution Virtual Transit Talk

July 14, 2022

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All are invited to attend the Bus Revolution Virtual Transit Talk on Thursday, July 14, 2022 from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM to learn more about the Bus Revolution initiative and to discuss the two options for the comprehensive redesign of the SEPTA City and Suburban bus network. Bus Revolution is a key initiative of SEPTA Forward, SEPTA’s strategic plan, and the Authority’s efforts to revamp its bus service and better connect people across the region.

Those interested in attending can pre-register at

Tonight’s session will review the two Network Options introduced in April 2022; recap findings from engagement activities conducted from April-June 2022; describe how we'll develop the draft network that will be released this Fall; and let stakeholders know what's coming next.

Throughout the spring, SEPTA hosted more than 25 in-person and virtual events for riders and community members to share feedback on the two options to help shape the future of the bus network. For information on previous events and to keep up to date on upcoming opportunities, please visit

Bus Revolution is now midway through its three-year process. Phase 1 launched in Spring 2021 and focused on understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the current bus system. Public outreach in Fall 2021 focused on transit trade-offs that impact bus service. Phase 2 of Bus Revolution is focused on presenting the two network options and collecting public feedback that will inform the design of the draft recommended network. Phase 3—sharing the final recommended network redesign for public feedback—will begin this fall.  The recommended draft final bus network will include components of both options to meet the goal of faster and more effective service. Following public feedback this spring, SEPTA will release an updated plan later this year. There will then be opportunity for additional public feedback before implementation of the new bus network in Fall 2023.

Along with Bus Revolution, SEPTA is advancing several transformative initiatives to achieve the vision of a seamless, lifestyle transit network set in SEPTA Forward. This includes Reimagining Regional Rail, for which SEPTA expects to share draft options later this spring.

For details on SEPTA Forward initiatives, please visit  For more information about Bus Revolution, visit