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The Wildcats at Wells Fargo Center!

January 25, 2023

On Sunday, January 29, 2023 - the Villanova Wildcats host the Providence Friars at 12PM at [their home away from home] Wells Fargo Center.

ICYMI - there is another MAJOR EVENT happening at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday - and because of the high volume of people at the Sports Complex - fans planning to attend the Villanova game are encouraged to arrive early [if driving] or take public transportation [aka SEPTA] to avoid potential road closures. Another reason you might want to opt for public transportation - parking could cost you a whopping $45 - woah!

Getting to the game from campus on SEPTA is easy! Plan your trip here or follow our easy HOW TO!

Regional Rail ➡️ Broad Street Line

If Regional Rail is your best bet – catch the Paoli/Thorndale Line at Villanova Station at 10:12AM which will get you to Suburban Station at 10:45AM - giving you enough time to transfer to the Broad Street Line (BSL) to get to the game before tipoff. If you’re looking to get there early – you can also grab the 9:12AM train which arrives at Suburban Station at 9:45AM. Follow signs for City Hall Station/Broad Street Line. You will board the Broad Street Line at City Hall Station and ride it south to the last stop - NRG Station. The BSL runs frequently (almost every 10 minutes).

On Regional Rail - you can purchase your fare on board from the Conductor with cash, debit, or credit card for $7. If you have a SEPTA Key card - the Travel Wallet cost is $5.25. To transfer from Regional Rail to the BSL - you'll need to purchase a Quick Trip ($2.50) from a Fare Kiosk if using cash/credit/debit or download SEPTA Key Tix to your smartphone. This mobile ticketing feature is available in the SEPTA app for trips on buses, trolleys, the Broad Street Line, Market-Frankford Line, and Norristown High Speed Line (note - not available on Regional Rail). Each Tix costs just $2 and comes with one FREE TRANSFER. To use - you need to set-up an account and add a credit/debit card - but it's worth it! It's also great for groups - you can pay fares for up to five riders with SEPTA Key Tix!

If you've got a SEPTA Key card with Travel Wallet - you can tap ($2) and go! If you do have a SEPTA Key card you might think about adding a One Day Anywhere FleX Pass. This pass costs $13 and can be used for up to 10 rides on buses, subways, trolleys, and to any Regional Rail station(s) in a single day. You're set for the ride there and for the ride back to campus! 

Norristown High Speed Line ➡️ Market-Frankford Line ➡️ Broad Street Line

The trip from campus to Wells Fargo Center takes less than an hour when you connect from the Norristown High Speed Line to the Market-Frankford Line to the Broad Street Line.

The Norristown High Speed Line (NHSL) runs every 30 minutes on Sundays. You can board the NHSL from either Stadium Station, Roberts Road Station, Garrett Hill Station, or Villanova Station and ride it to the end of the line to 69th Street Transportation Center. At 69th Street – you need to transfer to the Market-Frankford Line (MFL) and ride that line east to 15th Street. At 15th Street – follow signs for City Hall Station/Broad Street Line. You will board the Broad Street Line at City Hall Station and ride it south to the last stop - NRG Station. Both the MFL and BSL run frequently (almost every 10 minutes).

One way fare is $2 if you have Travel Wallet on your SEPTA Key card or $2.50 cash (only - no credit/debit) on the Norristown High Speed Line. You must have exact change if paying the Operator. The Operator cannot make change. To transfer from NHSL to the MFL - you'll need to purchase a Quick Trip ($2.50) from a Fare Kiosk. The Fare Kiosks accept cash/credit/debit.

If you've got a SEPTA Key card with Travel Wallet - your first transfer is FREE. And because there's a FREE connection from the MFL at 15th Street to the BSL at City Hall - your total trip there is JUST $2 - making your roundtrip is JUST $4!

If you don't have a SEPTA Key card - you can still travel for JUST $4 - if you download SEPTA Key Tix (see above)! 

So - this Sunday - leave the car in park, the rideshare app closed, and the driving to SEPTA!

Go Wildcats! Go Nova!