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Your SEPTA Wishlist... So Far

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For our December contest, we're asking what's on your SEPTA Wishlist this holiday season. We are overwhelmed with your creative and thoughtful responses so far, we just had to give a sneak peek of some of your great ideas. If you haven't already, make sure to enter by Sunday, 12/17 for a chance to win January TrailPass and a signed jersey!

"The Philadelphia Zoo definitely needs better transit access. The Zoo has 250+ employees, plus over a million visitors a year. Parking and traffic is already a challenge, so better transit would welcome people from more parts of the city have access."         

"More art on the entrances and platforms! Philly has an amazing art scene and is rich with historical content that SEPTA could pull from. I've seen it at Parisian and LA subways where each stop is decorated to commemorate the history of that particular area. Tile murals, paintings, and even projectors could make waits more entertaining. Lots of color and excitement would make commutes more interesting. And it doesn't have to be just history. You could use the stops as spaces for installations and contests for locals to get recognized permanently. When people feel connected and invested in their homes, they are less likely to damage and disrespect that space. Who needs curb appeal? We can start a better Philly movement from underground!"

"Tis the season! Not just the holiday season but the pesky cold season. If you can please sanitizer spray/wipes on the buses/trains/subways, that’ll be greatly appreciated!"

"If I could have a gift from SEPTA, it would be to give free rides to those in need on cold winter nights. There are far too many homeless people in the city of Philly, so to have them dropped off for free at homeless shelters so they don't freeze would be a wonderful gift. Also, wifi on buses and trains would be pretty awesome as well!!"

"While there's nothing SEPTA can really do to stop this, I wish that all SEPTA employees knew how grateful daily commuters like myself are to see them every day. Commuters tend to get angry when there are technical difficulties or delays, but I've never seen a conductor or bus driver or anyone else at the SEPTA station get angry back, they all handle the situation with grace and thoughtfulness! I'm lucky enough to experience the regional rail, the buses, and the subways, and across the board everyone is fantastic. If anything, I wish SEPTA continues to hire some great people! They work on the weekends, holidays, and through some terrible weather to make sure people in the region can get to where they need (like me getting to campus) and it's absolutely amazing!"

"I would appreciate attempting to add trash receptacles on the buses/trains."

"An amazing addition to SEPTA services would be an up to date LED display showing the estimated wait time for buses at the bus station."

"I would like bus floors to be more textured, similar to the way the train floors are, to reduce the likelihood of someone falling and to make inevitable spills from moving around the entire bus."    

"I would like to see the Indego bike system in place at some outlying railroad stations where biking has frequent use. Some of the stations have shopping districts nearby and would be a great combination for SEPTA and the surrounding business districts. This could work in Manayunk or Glenside."

"It would be nice to have more bus shelters with benches so the elderly could sit while waiting for the bus."

"All I want for Christmas: more indication (like TVs) of where the regional train is stopping on all cars — sometimes I’m in the middle of a really great conversation, listening to my latest jam, or otherwise can’t hear the conductor and I get worried I’m going to miss my stop, especially at night!"         

"I would love to hear music, something like smooth jazz. It seems music puts people in a good mood."

"My SEPTA wish list is preferred parking for pregnant women and parents with newborns in SEPTA parking lot."

Keep the wishes coming! Enter here by Sunday, 12/17!

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