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A SEPTA Mascot?


Philly is no stranger to mascots, and some are stranger than others. Often cited as the best mascot in baseball is the beloved Philly Phanatic, who has been wreaking havoc on and off the field since 1978. There's also, of course, our friends Franklin and SWOOP, who represent the Sixers and Eagles, respectively. New to the City of Brotherly is the Union’s Phang, a snake, and the Flyer’s Gritty, a… monster? With Phang hatching from a giant egg at the Philly Zoo and Gritty emerging from the construction at the Wells Fargo Center, both of these new mascots have fascinating and unique stories. So this got us thinking… what if SEPTA had a mascot? You might be familiar with Paws, SEPTA's Safety Dog, who is an excellent safety mascot, but his origin is a mystery. So tell us: if SEPTA had a mascot, what would it look like, and what is its story? (And please, in the name of good fun, keep your entry positive and friendly.) If you're feeling creative, feel free to send us pictures of your idea(s)... drawings, collages, or even, create what you have in mind and take a photo! Mail these ideas to [email protected]. The top 11 most thoughtful entries will be selected for prizes. The Grand Prize is a November Anywhere TrailPass. Ten runner-ups will receive a SEPTA t-shirt. Contest ends 10/24. Only one entry per email address please.

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