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The Beta Release of New SEPTA Key Website

March 15, 2019

SEPTA has updated the SEPTA Key website with a modernized design and new features to make using SEPTA Key online easier than ever. Before we officially launch the site, we are offering customers the chance to try it out on a fully functional Beta site. You can be among the first to see and experience the new by going here and logging in as you normally would.

Customers can still use the current until the full transition to the new website is made at a later date. The Beta site offers the same options you are already used to, and more, but we've redesigned it to be easier to use, especially for the on-the-go customer. Eventually, this site will be the sole tool for everyone to manage their SEPTA Key accounts and purchase fare products online.

Customers will find the site more intuitive, with a fresh design and layout. Highlights include:

  • Responsive Web: The site automatically adjusts its display for any device, such as Apple and Android phones and tablets, desktop computers, and laptops. It will provide each user with a customized experience tailored to the screen size they are using.

  • Ease of Use: Easier to load fare products, get news and information about the SEPTA Key, manage your account, access trip history and add or remove payment methods. All security protocols that are in place for the current site are also applied to the Beta version, to ensure customers’ information is safe.

  • New Help & Information Section: Includes updated Frequently Asked Questions, SEPTA Key program and fare information, a locator to help identify places to buy and load Key Cards, and details on travel options available with the Key.

Customers can submit their feedback through SEPTA’s online comment form here. Comments and suggestions will be considered as SEPTA moves toward the full launch of the new e-commerce site.

For more information, and to participate in the Public Beta Release of the SEPTA Key e-commerce site, please visit