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Safety is Key


Did you know taking public transportation is safer than driving a car, not only in terms of the safety of the vehicles but also in terms of the driving habits and training of the operators? Transit vehicles are maintained more regularly than a personal car and transit operators receive more training than the average automobile driver. And did you now know it's public transportation moving the needle forward on transportation safety technologies? The vehicles of tomorrow will likely use technologies being deployed by public transportation today. These safety innovations include: collision avoidance systems, pedestrian detection and avoidance, blind spot detection, and driver fatigue and inattention alerts.

We just told you ways public transportation is working to keep you safer, now it's your turn. For May's contest, we ask that you Make the Safe Choice when riding SEPTA. To enter, type or copy/paste one of the following safety tips in the field below:

Make the Safe Choice. Stay behind the yellow line.

Make the Safe Choice. Don't pass between cars when the train is moving.

Make the Safe Choice. Be alert for Express trains – don’t assume train is stopping.

Make the Safe Choice. Don't cross, walk along side, or walk in the track area.

Make the Safe Choice. Don't stop on a crossing or attempt to beat a train to the crossing – the train ALWAYS WINS.

A maximum of five (5) entries permitted per email address. Eleven entries will be selected at random for prizes. Top prize is a June Anywhere TrailPass. Ten (10) runners-up will each receive a SEPTA t-shirt. Contest ends 5/26/19.

Let's Dance - SEPTA Style!


What SEPTA vehicle, mode, station, line, destination, etc. is primed to win it all? Is it the Market-Frankford Line - the unsung workhorse of the system? Or our trusty safety dog Paws? How about our new electric buses or the classic Route 15 trolley? SEPTA Bracket Winners will match that of the NCAA Tournament - for example - if (9) UCF beats (8) VCU then (9) Temple Station beats (8) Cecil B. Moore Station. Enter your SEPTA Bracket Pick Winner for the overall tournament below, plus a tiebreaker (combined score of the NCAA Championship Game on April 8, 2019) by Thursday, 3/21 at 12p. The grand prize winner gets a SEPTA Prize Pack - which includes a $50 SEPTA Key Card and a SEPTA T-Shirt! Max four (4) entries per email address.

Click here to check out the SEPTA Bracket and decide on your winner!

Here Key Comes


Now through the end of the Sixers season, tune-in to Sixers Pregame Live on NBC Sports Philadelphia and listen for the SEPTA KEY TO SUCCESS. Enter the SEPTA KEY TO SUCCESS below and you'll be entered to win a Sixers Prize Pack. This Prize Pack includes an authentic Joel Embiid jersey, a mini basketball signed by TJ McConnell, AND an Allen Iverson Hall of Fame photograph signed by AI himself!

Winners of the Prize Pack will be announced at the end of the Sixers regular season. Multiple entries allowed - so tune-in and enter as often as you can! However only one entry per pregame and per game per day. To keep it interesting, we'll giveaway ten (10) SEPTA t-shirts at the end of every month to ten (10) lucky entries. Ends 4/10/19.

Let's Go Sixers!

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