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May 26, 2023

SEPTA is partnering with Al Dia to highlight can't-miss concerts and must-see shows in and around Philadelphia - and how to get there on SEPTA.

The sixth performance is Latin emcee - Eladio Carrión! You can see him Friday, June 2, 2023 at The Fillmore between Fishtown and Northern Liberties. SEPTA ES LA MANERA DE MOVERTE! 

SEPTA is the PHILLY WAY TO GO to Eladio Carrión at The Fillmore on June 2nd! Ride the Market-Frankford Line to Girard Station - it’s a short walk from there. Plan your trip at ISEPTAPHILLY.COM/PLAN-YOUR-TRIP!

More info thanks to our partners at Al Dia - Written by Amari Newman

Latin Trap innovator Eladio Carrión has unapologetically carved his own lane within música urbana. The Puerto Rican emcee's dedication to his own vision led to massive cosigns from superstars within both English and Spanish music. 

In March - Carrión released his fourth studio album 3MEN2 KBRN, which debuted at No. 3 on Billboard's Top Latin Albums chart and No. 16 on the all-genre Billboard 200. The project’s star-studded collaborators include Lil Wayne, Quavo, Bad Bunny, and Future. A month after the album’s release - Carrión launched his The Sauce World Tour, and plans to make a stop at The Fillmore on June 2. 

The 28-year-old rising superstar sets himself apart from other mainstream Latin artists for his thorough embrace of hip-hop - but his journey to the genre was pretty unconventional. He was a world-class swimmer who qualified for the 2012 Olympics - and later a social media comedian on Vine and YouTube. He gained a significant internet following through his parodies of trap and reggaeton hits - and his skill with the pen was quickly noticed. Soon - the artists Carrión parodied were hiring him as a ghostwriter. After a brief stint as an off-the-record lyricist - he stepped back into the spotlight as a full-fledged emcee. Carrión’s discipline, work-ethic, and commitment to authenticity, allowed him to seamlessly transition from athlete, to comedian, to music star. 

Like many Latin music chart-toppers - Carrión is incredibly versatile and capable of making multiple genres, but hip-hop remains his primary output. 

In an interview with Popsugar - he credits his older sisters for introducing him to rap at a young age. “When I was like 6 or 7, I was listening to Eminem and 50 Cent, but I also had my sisters listening to Pac, Nas, and Big L,” he said. Carrión’s deep appreciation and knowledge of hip-hop is evident throughout 3MEN2 KBRN. All 18 tracks on the album explore the multitude of rap’s subgenres. 

“Si Salimos” finds the emcee going back and forth with 50 Cent, the duo giving off energy reminiscent of a mid 2000s G-Unit track. On “M3,” Carrión raps over raw drill production alongside one of the faces of the subgenre - Fivio Foreign. The album’s lead single “Coco Chanel” fuses trap with reggeaton, while “Quizas, Tal Vez” contains elements of club music. 

The project's diverse production is enhanced by Carrión’s polished penmanship. On “Air France,” he unloads a non-stop barrage of punchlines over what sounds like the instrumental for an unreleased Drake song - rapping: “Treinta mil en Champs-Élysées, otros veinte mil en Brantôme. Los tengo buscando la receta como Plankton. De día brillando como el techo de un Phantom ¿Blanco o negro? Tú escoge', Danny Phantom.” 

Calling Carrión a pioneer of Latin hip-hop - would be an understatement. He’s constantly finding ways to bridge international rap scenes at the highest level. On top of his high-profile collaborations - he launched the inaugural Sauce Boyz Music Festival in May. The two days of performances held in San Juan - Puerto Rico featured hip-hop stars from across the world including Bizarrap, Tokischa, Duki and Wiz Khalifa.

Carrión’s ability to build community across language barriers sets a great example for younger generations of artists. His success shows that rappers across the globe regardless of race, ethnicity, or language, can have a successful career in hip-hop. Carrión carries this inspiring message through his music - and will be bringing it with him to Fishtown on June 2. Those attending the concert at The Fillmore will experience the emcee’s barrier-breaking records that symbolizes the international solidarity being formed through música urbana. 

Tickets can be purchased via LiveNation ($170-$540). Doors open at 7PM.

SEPTA is the PHILLY WAY TO GO to Eladio Carrión at The Fillmore on June 2nd! Ride the Market-Frankford Line to Girard Station - it's a short walk from there. Plan your trip at ISEPTAPHILLY.COM/PLAN-YOUR-TRIP.