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Get to Know Your Customers Day

July 18, 2019

Happy Get to Know Your Customers Day! 

Luckily for us, we were in a perfect position to meet plenty of friendly riders, as today was one of our "Got a Key? Get a Tee!" promotions at NRG Station before the start of the Phillies home game. For all riders that showed us their [registered] SEPTA Key card, they got a free SEPTA t-shirt! We decided this was a perfect time to get to know some of our customers. Here are some of our favorite facts about these riders! 

We started with Brad. Brad was the first rider that showed us his registration confirmation email from His regular SEPTA mode is a tie between the Chestnut Hill West Regional Rail Line, and the Buses. His favorite ballpark snack is a hot dog. He also wanted to make note that SEPTA is a "terrific system. I'm from DC, I've done extensive travel across Europe, and SEPTA is world-class public transit," (and this isn't us just *toot toot-ing* our own horn, this is a direct quote)!

Then Dick came and got a shirt. Dick's favorite mode to ride is the Market-Frankford Line, though truthfully, he spends more of his time on the Route 47 Bus. His favorite ballpark snack is also a hot dog. 

Anne was the first to veer off the hot dog train (no pun intended). Her favorite ballpark snack is Questlove's Impossible Steak Sandwich, and her SEPTA mode is the Market-Frankford Line

Allan rides the Broad Street Line the most, and does not eat at the ballpark - but for the same reason he rides the Broad Street Line: "I work here. I don't eat here." 

Rick showed us his registered Senior SEPTA Key card (yep, those count too, they're registered)! He is a Regional Rail rider ("can't beat that deal, being a senior riding the train!"), and his favorite ballpark snack is a hot dog. 

Elizabeth and Anthony came together - they weren't even going to the game! They saw our Instagram post and rode the Broad Street Line down to show us their SEPTA Key registration and get a t-shirt. Their mode-of-transportation? The Broad Street Line. Their ballpark snack? Hot dogs. But not today. They hopped right back on the Broad Street Line, heading north. 

Adam usually rides the Broad Street Line or Regional Rail. His favorite food at the ballpark is a Campo's Steak. 

John is another Broad Street Line rider, but gave an answer we could relate to on this very hot day. His favorite snack during a baseball game is a beer. 

And finally, we ended on a pretty cool note. We met, and got to know, Alan and Tracy. Alan and Tracy are from Covington, England. A few years ago, they were on holiday in Toronto and stumbled upon the Blue Jays playing at the Rogers Centre and fell in love with the game. Since then, every year they fly back to the States to check out a new team, a new city, and to see a game in a new ballpark; they just want to watch baseball. They purchased their SEPTA Keys and immediately registered them to get the $4.95 put back in their Travel Wallet. They've only ridden the Broad Street Line so far, but it's perfect for them because they've had tickets to multiple Phillies games. Alan likes hot dogs at the ballpark, and Tracy likes "the ice cream they serve in baseball caps." The  most fun fact about this duo? For the last three years, each team/city they picked as their "baseball city" for that year has won the World Series!

Step aside bamboo, the Phillies have a new good luck charm: new SEPTA riders Alan and Tracy!

We certainly enjoyed getting to know some of our customers on what would have otherwise been a regular day. We know they enjoyed getting free SEPTA t-shirts! Register your Key: it will protect your funds if it gets lost or stolen (and when your card expires), and you never know, maybe one day it will get you a free t-shirt!

Be sure to let us know in the comments: what's your preferred SEPTA mode? And what's your favorite ballpark snack?