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Date While You Wait

May 9, 2016



What do you typically do while you wait for the train? 

Chances are, you spend it on your phone, whether you use that time to check your email [again], or play games, or watch movie trailers... we get it. You have the world wide web on a computer in your pocket. It's enticing. 

But do you know what's more enticing? Other humans! There are so many of them out there that you haven't met yet, so why not leave the comfort of your cell phone and get to know another person? 

That's the whole idea behind Date While You Wait. Put away your phone for a few minutes and play a game with a stranger while you wait for your ride. Strike up conversation. Get to know another human.  There are plenty of distractions in platform dating too, even without the screens. Former Date While You Waits have included Connect 4, Perfection, and card games, to name a few. We don't know what Thomas, the mastermind behind the concept, will bring for entertainment this week. But we know he'll bring his A-Game charm, like he's done in subway stations all over New York City

We're thrilled to have this commuter's activity back in our city this time around. 

So be on the lookout! If you ride Regional Rail (or not), make University City Station one of your destinations this Friday, May 13th. Date While You Wait will be providing your platform entertainment from 3p-6p. 

Happy dating! 

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