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Next Stop: Perks Galore.

February 23, 2016


Published on February 23, 2016.

Good news, ISEPTAPHILLYers! Your SEPTA Pass comes with 70 Perks, and that number is growing everyday. 

We're sure that by now you've noticed our brand new website. But have you seen the fresh look on our Pass Perks?

Keep your eyes peeled. This Pass Perks makeover is making its rounds - local websites, on station screens, the interior of your bus or train, and even on your cellphone. We encourage you to take a look at our refreshed Pass Perks page, now conveniently located adjacent to the Local Happenings around town, Destinations of interest, our Blog, and of course - the current Contest, which allows you to try to win a t-shirt, or if you're extra lucky, TrailPass. 

In a hurry? That's okay. We've picked some particularly exciting Pass Perks to feature.  


The Franklin Institute

An old favorite, and longtime Pass Perks Partner, their offer lets you take your pick of General Admission to the Institute (and $2 off those tickets), or your immersion in their current special exhibit, Lost Egypt ($3 off tickets).


Penn Museum

Continue your education of the ancient world at the world renowned Penn Museum. Peruse extraordinary art and artifacts, and get $2 off of admission with your SEPTA Pass.


The Kimmel Center

The Kimmel Center’s Pass Perks are enough of a reason to keep coming back to the page – they’re endless and ever changing! And of course, so is the Kimmel Center’s lineup. If there’s something at the Kimmel Center that you’d like to see, you can expect a great Perk to go along with it. Check back with our page to find 10% off your ticket with your SEPTA Pass.


Arden Theatre

If you’re into the arts, then you’re probably also checking out Arden Theatre’s fantastic calendar. Which means you should also be coming back to the Pass Perks’ page, because we have a Perk for that too. Your Pass gets you $2 off of your ticket to an Arden Theatre Company production.


Philadelphia Mural Arts Love Letter Tour

If you prefer your art in passing (and on the street), then the Philadelphia Mural Arts Love Letter Tour might be more your style. It will definitely fit your budget, because we offer $2 off of the tour with our Pass Perk.


Doylestown Brewing Company

Or perhaps you’re more in the mood to explore one of our region’s quaint towns and get a bit further from the city’s bustle… in which case, relax at the Doylestown Brewing Company and enjoy a pint of their R5 lager, christened as such for the now-retired name of the train line that will take you to this Happy Hour spot – at which your SEPTA Pass will get you $1 off this beer, and it’s “lite” counterpart.


Irish Pub

But if your squad is convening downtown, you can still get 10% off of your food and non-alcoholic drinks at both of Irish Pub’s Center City locations. And also have your pick of the many surrounding transit modes that can then safely take you home.



And for those of you sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions (heading into the 3rd month of 2016 – keep up the good work, all 2 of you!), get your vitamins and hydration and fruits and veggies from Robeks, and get one for your friend at 50% off! We suppose you could also just BOGO50% and keep it for yourself as well; it’s your prerogative, our healthy rider.  


Sweat Fitness

And if you’ve got the healthy-eating part of your resolution down, then you’ve probably jumped on board of the fitness train, in which case, we hope you’re taking advantage of the great Perk we have with Sweat Fitness. Enjoy the first month of your annual gym membership free!


Philadelphia Runner

For those of you who were picked in the Broad Street Run lottery – congrats! You can get your sneaks at Philadelphia Runner and a free pair of socks with a purchase over $75, and of course, your SEPTA Pass.


Not only are there many more Pass Perks, but the list is quite literally growing everyday. So be sure to check back to our page frequently, and find Perks at your favorite Philly spot.