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August 2023 Ridership Trends

September 18, 2023

System-wide ridership in August was 64% of pre-COVID August 2019 ridership. On average there were approximately 54,216 more riders per day in August ‘23 compared to August ‘22. This is based on the calendar month.

May 2023 experienced the highest total ridership since the start of the pandemic. June and August 2023 experienced the highest recovery rate.

System-wide ridership increased 11% from August 2022.

Average daily ridership was 563,263 unlinked passenger trips across all modes. 

Ridership typically declines during the months of July and August due to schools being on summer break and many people taking vacation time.

Bus mode ridership increased 13% from August 2022, averaging 307,127 passenger trips per day.

Routes with a 15 minute or greater frequency are carrying 77% of baseline ridership. The five routes with the highest recovery rates include Route150 (153%), Route 47M (123%), Route 49 (109%), Route 120 (94%), and Route 21 (92%).

Bus mode weekend recovery is stronger than weekday recovery. 

Regional Rail Ridership increased 13% from August 2022, averaging 60,123 passenger trips per day. The SCIP project started on 7/22 and continued through 8/19.

Heavy Rail mode experienced its highest recovery rate since the start of the pandemic as ridership reached 53% of pre-COVID August 2019 levels.

Bus ridership is based on APC data. These numbers do not reflect any fare evasion or unpaid fares; however they are an accurate representation of actual ridership.

Regional Rail is based on financial data; Metro is a combination of APC (trolley routes) and revenue (BSL, MFL, NHSL).