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Bach in the Subways Returns to Philadelphia

March 18, 2019

The timeless music of Johann Sebastian Bach will once again be heard all throughout SEPTA's stations this week. In celebration of Bach's 334th birthday, Bach in the Subways returns to Philadelphia from 3/21-3/24. The worldwide event, founded in 2011 by cellist Dale Henderson, spans across forty countries, with performances from thousands of musicians every year. 

This year, there will be performances at Suburban Station, Jefferson Station, and subway stations all across the city (the full schedule can be found below). This includes performances from members of the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Philly Pops, as well as other musician, both professional and amateur. 

So plan some extra time into your commute this week!

Thursday, March 21st

30th Street Station (Market-Frankford Line):

• Chloe Cooper - 3:40p to 4p - Flute

Friday, March 22nd 

Jefferson Station:

• Bob Cafaro - 3:45p to 3:50p - Cello

• Philadelphia Orchestra Musicians - 4:45p to 5:30p

City Hall Station/15th Street Station:

• John Koen, Nathan Mann, and Sam DiVirgilio - 5:30p to 7p - Cello 

Suburban Station:

• Richard Hans Maurer - 5:30p to 7p - Cello

Saturday, March 23nd

34th Street Station:

• Daniel Kim - 2:00p - 3:00p

Ellsworth Federal:

• Ruby E-W - 2:00p to 2:10p

Let us know in the comments below if you were able to catch a performance!