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A Commute With a View

July 27, 2018

For our June contest, we wanted to know what your favorite view was during your SEPTA commute. We had over 300 entries, and each one was as unique and beautiful as the next! While we loved them all, we chose 10 runner ups and 1 grand prize winner. Below, read some of our favorite responses from our winners and many fabulous honorable mentions:

Kevin: My favorite view from my morning commute into work on the Chestnut Hill West line towards Center City is the ride over the Schuylkill River. I look forward to seeing the joggers, cyclists and walkers along Kelly Drive. The most exciting thing to see is the rowers prepping for the Dad Vail Regatta on the water. The thirty second ride over the river with a glimpse of the drive, river, expressway and the zoo balloon makes my morning.  #Philadelphia.

Quineah: Sunsets over the Schuylkill are my favorite view from SEPTA transit. Transportation that bridges neighborhoods together. Route 15 Trolley.

Ninqi: My favorite view from a SEPTA window is all the greenery old bridge graffiti art I might pass on the West Trenton regional rail line toward the Yardley stop. It's a fun reminder that nature and modernity can live side-by-side.

Judi: The Schuylkill River is my favorite with the sky above. It’s never the same, just like the blessing of life day by day. No matter if I’m going in or out of town on the Chestnut Hill West, it’s always a site to see.

Allen: When I saw the Center City Skyline from the West Trenton Train to Jefferson Station, I really enjoyed the mirrored reflection of the Comcast Center. I like the Comcast Center building that lights up in the nighttime. When I get off the train with my class at Jefferson Station, I smell the famous food of Philadelphia such as the Philly Cheesesteak, The Thanksgiving Turkey, Chickies and Pete's Crabfries and the Spicy Sandwiches from Chick-Fil-A.

Larysa: My favorite view is from my apartment balcony! It overlooks the Temple University train station. At first, it was a bit loud but I began to love its hum whenever the trains would roll by. 

Ryan: The idyllic landscape. A series of home studded hills. Historic factories a mere stone's throw away from a calming stream. This is what I see below me as my Media/Elwyn line train glides across the tracks going to and from Gladstone Station. The trestle bridge overlooking the area graciously bestows this impressive view upon me as it passes through the accompanying woods. In the morning, the sunswept scenery looks as if it would be hung in an art gallery, while the community pool below glistens welcomingly to swimmers for the summer season. In the evening, the setting sun extends its final rays to provide a comforting sight after a hard day's work, before descending into the trees in a cosmically choreographed arc. My weekdays and my commute would not be the same without daily glimpses of this amazing scene, so I do my best not to miss it.

Laura: My favorite view is my reflection in the windows on the Broad Street Line.

Mason: I love the view of the skyline from the front seat of the El. Here’s my photo I shared with your Twitter!

Megan: 30th Street Regional Rail platform heading toward Lansdale/Doylestown—I look out at 30th Street Station lit up, flags flickering in the wind, the sun setting behind, and the FMC building shining in the background.

Geoffrey: Honestly, my favorite view from a SEPTA train is when making my commute to and from work on the West Trenton line to and from Langhorne. It might just be familiarity, but I always liked how the green and hilly neighborhoods of Cheltenham Township looked so inviting and communal when bounding over the hills and overpasses heading towards Center City. However, when leaving from those areas over by Jenkintown to head into Bucks County, things get astoundingly scenic when you see the landscape suddenly become much more remote. Being a former Southerner, watching from the window as the train barrels across the sometimes foggy, sometimes glistening swamplands going towards Philmont is such a calming experience for me. The best thing I see every time though is looking through the window at the untouched woodlands over by Neshaminy. They're always breathtaking to me, whether lush with wet greenery in the spring and summer or foggy and overcast in the fall and winter.

Karen: Taking the train early in the morning on the Lansdale line is more like soaring on a magic carpet to freedom for me. I love the independence, the opportunity, the daydreams, and the views that pass through my vision each time the train engine whirs past another station. I think the most memorable feeling I get on the train happens in between Pennbrook and Fort Washington. I don't know if it's the beauty of the suburbs or the chance I get to look into people's beautiful and grassy backyards, but something about it makes me dream.

Catherine: The view of the skyline from the Fox-Chasee Regional Rail line.

Ella: SEPTA is really useful for me. I travel a lot. But it always gets me to where I need to go. SEPTA can be very reliable at times and it’s really great.

Grace: My favorite view is the graffiti you see on the walls along the train tracks between 30th Street Station and Overbrook as well as the street art you can spot from the El. As a Philly artist, the art scene is one of my favorite things about this city. I'm always awestruck by the graffiti/street art I see during my travels and how the artists interact with one another through their work. I feel a strong sense of community and closeness without even knowing any of the artists. I always make a point to snag a window seat on the right side of the train when I take the Paoli/Thorndale Line to Radnor or on the right side of the El when I'm traveling into Center City from Frankford solely so that I can get another dose of  Philly's raw, artistic culture. There is specifically an Adventure Time mural along the El near Tioga that I seriously can't ever get enough of. It always makes my day to see that image of Finn and Jake chillin' like villains on the side of a brick building on Kensington Ave, looking like they're about to high-five me as the El speeds along. It doesn't matter how bad my day may be, that image and every piece of art I spot during my commutes throughout Philly keeps me going. That is something you definitely miss if you are driving and it is one of the many reasons I value SEPTA as a mode of transportation.

Natalie: I love coming from Jenkintown into the city. Whichever line I ride takes me through a little bit of Germantown. I used to teach there and I love seeing all the old streets I used to drive through.

Dawn: My favorite view is the sunrise coming up over the city traveling to work prior to Temple University’s station on the Warminster Line.

Veronica Dee Ang: I really like riding to Noble Station since it’s near my high school in Abington, and the little area of Jenkintown. I love taking the Chestnut Hill West line because the view of the historical houses and landscaping is beautiful. I also like The Stratford station because of the landscaping as well as the Berwyn station.

Jo: My favorite view is the evening train ride home from work when the train pulls up in my station. What a wonderful site.

Jason: The view of Center City standing on the platform at 46th Street Station is breathtaking, especially on a bright sunny morning. The skyline looks incredible, and you can see lots of the smaller buildings that contribute to Philadelphia being one of the best and most hard-working cities in America!

William: Any view from a Regional Rail train is viewtastic.

Gloria: I absolutely love Philadelphia. I was born and raised here. I remember as a child riding the el at night with my grandmom to Center City where she lived and seeing the sky line light up. The lights from the Walt Whitman bridge and the reflection in the Delaware River was breath taking. As a child I was amazed by it, like something out of a magazine. As an adult it still makes me smile like a prize I never thought I would win. The beauty of the city, the love of the people, and the memories that last a lifetime. Rittenhouse square was the park I spent most of my summer nights as a kid. Penn’s Landing was my hang out spot in my early twenties because of all the festivities and now in my 30s, I take my children to the museums on the parkway. The city lives in me and the generations after me. It was with generations before and will continue to be a part of our family’s legacy. A Philly family that will never forget where they come from and the streets they walked on and lived. 

Daniel: On a sunny, cool morning in the Fall, I actually enjoy waiting for the next train to arrive at the York Dauphin El stop. The warm sun hits my body and the overhang shadows my face while I gaze down the tracks and soak in the best time of year in Philadelphia. My kids love it when we wait near the end of the platform for the train, and then sit in the very front seats so they can pretend they're on a roller coaster and see everything coming at them quickly.

Joseph: I enjoy all the different characters that I come across on the buses and trains. From beautiful women to the crazy drunk people that ride around after dark.

Marcia: I love the view of my child's face as she sits there in both awe and excitement on a train.  She loves the commuter trains, especially the Doylestown line, because it's very long and has many stops that we get to ride over and over.  Her innocence and joy are immeasurable from just sitting on any of the regional rail lines as she peers out the window.  She's full of such inquisitiveness and speculation, especially as the views change from city life to country life on just one train ride.  We can pretend to be both city and country mice as the regional rails highlight the beautiful diversity of the Philadelphia region. The anticipation as we wait for the train, the thrill as we board the train, and the jubilation as she rides the train is a view like no other for this doting mother.

Dené: My favorite view from the Norristown line is the Temple University practice field. I went to undergrad at Temple and I studied athletic training, so I worked with the football team. It’s always nostalgic to see the players out there. Especially on a hot summer morning during August preseason! I remember how brutal it was standing outside in that summer heat!  When we get to the Temple station my kids always say, “Mommy Temple University! You went there!” I smile for a brief moment and say, I did!

Tori: I like the city skyline because it gives me the best view of the vehicle. It's a piece of mind and I can gaze out the window and mute all the negative people that board the vehicle.

Mark: Spring Garden Station along the Market-Frankford line. Nothing reminds me of home quite like THAT view of the city.

Jeffrey: My favorite view is from the Market-Frankford line pulling in to 69th Street Terminal, because it’s where I met the girl with the lighter who turned out to be the love of my life and now ... my wife.

Americo: I love the view of the Ben Franklin Bridge from the Market-Frankford Line. It always makes smile.

Joe: My favorite view from a SEPTA window is the bell tower at Temple University. You have to look quick to catch it but what a sight! Go Owls! Go SEPTA!

Stephen: I ride the El between Berks and 11th many times throughout the week. My favorite view is when the train is coming to a stop and you can see the platform passengers peering anxiously as the cars come to a slow stop hoping to win seat roulette, and have a car with the fewest passengers stop in front of them. Depending on my mood I can find joy in their joy or in their mild disappointment.

Jennifer: The view of the Philly skyline on the way home from Jefferson station on the West Trenton line.

Lindsay: Going into the city from the Jenkintown-Wyncote train station.

Mark: Looking north from the westbound El platform on the 52nd Street stop.

Rosemary: My Favorite view from a SEPTA window happens to be on the 15 trolley. It is the view of the Schuykilll River from either side as the 15 is crossing the Girard Street bridge on the way to the zoo. It reminds me of history with the architecture of the bridge. It is timeless.

Ricky: The views from the Norristown High Speed Line are amazing. I love riding over the bridge and seeing the river and waterfall, especially when it's a beautiful day outside.

Kathryn: My favorite view is just sitting and looking out the window and watching the many changes.

Sheila:  I love seeing my house when I get off at my stop after work. What a good feeling that is to me.

Brendan: I love the view from SEPTA coming up from Wilmington, DE and getting into Philly along the Schuylkill and Penn stop. Then the stroll from Penn Station over to Suburban Station, especially at night when the building lights come on.

Emmanuel: I love watching the landscape change from a suburban environment to an urban one.

Brandon: My favorite view from a SEPTA window is the different stores, buildings, and homes.  

Kathy: My favorite view is waiting on the platform at the Lawndale Station on the R8 line - on the west side it borders a beautiful golf course in Cheltenham Township - and looking east you can see Devereaux and Robbins Avenue in the lower Northeast section of Philadelphia.

Eileen: My favorite view on SEPTA is when the airport train is going towards the airport and the train gets over the lake, it's a view of beauty to me. Sometimes there are ducks in the water. It's just so pretty, especially in the fall.

Jacqueline: My favorite view on SEPTA is riding the El, passing Spring Garden, seeing Delaware Avenue, and looking over at the cars that are close by.

Dorothy: My favorite view is the one from the 101 Trolley. It's a combination of city, suburbs and country ending in the quaint town of Media, Pennsylvania.

Sara: My favorite view from a SEPTA window is when riding the Market-Frankford Line and seeing the Ben Franklin Bridge, especially at night time.

Adiel: My favorite view from a SEPTA window is the "Rise" and "Shine" murals by James Burns on North Broad Street. It makes me feel empowered to rise to greatness every day when I see it. It reminds me of the struggle people living with mental health go through daily. The beautiful and vibrant letters of both murals are actually comprised of collages of words and phrases from people involved in the city's Porch Light program and it's always inspiring to see on my commute because I always see something new whenever I look at the murals.

Michael: I have lived on the main line and other Philly suburbs all my life. Trains were, and still are, really important. What I like looking at are each of the stations and areas around them. I watch the changes, watch as the trains get replaced, and still the views that remind me of childhood and train trips were and still are there.

Andre: I love riding the Wilmington train line and viewing the Delaware skyline at night, and the Delaware River.  I also enjoy all the sites I see when I ride the West Trenton line going towards Langhorne. There are a lot of beautiful sites and flowers to see. I've actually taken a lot of pictures myself.

Abigail: The moment the MFL goes above ground just before the Spring Garden station -- especially in the summer. I love the view of the Ben Franklin Bridge, following the cars on I-95, the sun flooding through the train cars and the calming feeling of almost being home.

Katie: I take SEPTA every weekday from Jefferson Station to Bristol in the morning and back in the evenings. When we cross the Schuylkill River, I always look out my window at the view of the water and skyline over it. From the train window I've seen sunrises, sunsets, crew teams practicing, runners and bike riders keeping fit, and city traffic. I love seeing all the activity in the city I call home, and knowing so many of these people love this city as much as I do.

Raymond: My favorite view is seeing the city skyline on the way back home from school, especially when the sun is setting and the sky turns to a warm orangey scarlet hue.

Colin: My favorite view is from the Market-Frankford Line in West Philadelphia when you can see the LOVE Letters along Market Street.

Sarah: I like taking the train to anywhere and seeing all the places, houses, and views out of a SEPTA window.

Linda: Since my family doesn’t own a car, I take public transportation everywhere I go. My usual spot on the Market-Frankford line would be next to the window. I love watching the daylight slowly becoming the dark night, especially the sunset colors that are beautiful to look at.

Katharine: The Philadelphia city skyline is my favorite view! I loved watching it evolve over the last four years. I love the view coming back into the city towards 30th Street Station and passing over the Schuylkill River either in winter frozen over or summer with all the rowing teams.

Stephanie: I love the view of the Wissahickon Creek on the Manayunk-Norristown line. I know this may sound weird, but l love the view even more once we've had an abundance of rain and the river flows right up to the tracks. Breathtaking!

Tina: I enjoy the view on the Norristown High Speed Line when you see the sun rising and setting and the sky is filled with color...oh what a view to begin and/end my day with!

Juanda: There are many favorite views while on the El at the Bridge and Pratt stop.  The other is on the Paoli/Thorndale Line going to Bryn Mawr and Ardmore. The 69th Street Transportation Center is another favorite place to see when I go shopping down there.

Michelle: My favorite view from a SEPTA window is sitting in the window seat at the Wilmington Station. The conductor says, “All tickets please,” on our way to Suburban Station! Looking out the window watching the trees blow in the warm wind, watching waves flow in the cool river, laying my head on my fiance's shoulder in a trance enjoying the breath-taking scenery, looking over at the huge bridges, looking at all the glassy tall buildings, just loving my city! Forever a Philly girl.

Marina: Riding the 64 bus south/east bound across the Grey's Ferry Bridge in the early morning offers the best view of the city skyline lit by the sun! It's been one of my favorite views since settling in Philly in 2009.

Jamie: Since I was a baby, the majority of my trips into Philly have been on the El, or the "Market-Frankford Line" as it is officially known. My favorite view, which has become ubiquitous and iconic on my commutes, is from the front window on an eastbound El train at 46th Street. For me, the view of the skyline before entering the 46th St. portal has come to represent an exposition of the city before the plunge into its tunnels; that is, a visual taste of Center City before immersion, quite literally.

Timothy: I love the view from the 66 Bus. It’s my hometown route. I took it to school and work when I lived in the Mayfair neighborhood of Northeast Philadelphia. Now that I moved, it’s the bus that brings me back to visit my parents. I love the Cottman Avenue stop, it has many great memories.

Mary Kate: I like passing by Temple's practice football stadium and watching the team practice. Go Owls!

Stanley: My favorite SEPTA view is from any southbound train, looking to center city just after Fern Rock. You can see the expanse of the city, particularly all of the rowhomes, as well as the high towers of the downtown business district.

James: The city skyline. It means I’m almost home!

Erik: I saw this first as a teenager, and I've never forgotten, the views that can be enjoyed from the Norristown High-Speed Line between Bridgeport and Norristown. From the Norristown side, it is a picturesque view of the nearby town of Bridgeport; and from Bridgeport, riders are afforded a grand entrance to the county seat across the mighty Schuylkill. The old bullet trolleys allowed the added pleasure of feeling the wind in your hair during this journey, especially as the trolleys ran faster than I understand they do today. But the new cars allow for greater sightseeing opportunities in climate-controlled, handicap-accessible accommodations. I always enjoy the route and look forward to the ride with any opportune chance.

Margaret: My favorite view is the Somerton Train Station on the West Trenton Line. The benches are a welcome site filled with neighbors waiting to pick up their loved ones. Always makes me smile.

Alex: The city skyline is definitely my favorite view from SEPTA. I love seeing it expand as I get closer to the city, and it always feels so nice to be home when I see the skyline.

Antoinette: When I’m going into the city on the Chestnut Hill West line and the train meanders into North Philadelphia station there is a stillness, it is almost baron with parking lots and rarely a person. On the left are shells of buildings with broken windows and graffiti. 

Leslie: I love seeing people traveling to school and work, and I also love watching the SEPTA track workers working on tracks with their bright work vests. I just love looking over our beautiful city.

Tatyana: My favorite view from a SEPTA window is the Schuylkill River as I am on the 9. I saw it last year and it was the first time I have ever seen the river in my six years of living in Philadelphia.

Kim: I love catching sight of the many murals in the city, so when I ride, I keep my eyes open for them. They truly are some of the hidden gems of Philadelphia. Thanks, SEPTA, for the chance to view so many of them when we ride with you!

Jaimie: I love seeing the skyline from the EL. There's nothing like Philadelphia's skyline all lit up at night.

Abigayle: My favorite view from a SEPTA window is through the front of the trolley, coming up to the 40th Street portal. After a long day of exploring the city or working hard on behalf of the city, seeing a glimpse of beautiful West Philly trees is like a breath of fresh air to my lungs. Seeing that view gives me a sense of relief and makes me feel like I am home once again. The stops from 33-40th there is no cell phone service, which often provides a time of quiet meditation and I know the silence is over and I have arrived once I catch that first sight of being above ground again. Seeing that West Philly view is like being treated to a hug from a loved one I haven't seen in a while, a great comfort from an old friend. 

Judith: I love meeting new people and developing new commuter friends.

Mariel:                 On the Paoli/Thorndale line, I enjoy watching the exact moment when Lancaster Avenue changes from Delaware to Montgomery to Philadelphia county. It’s so interesting, it happens in an instant.

John: My favorite view from a SEPTA window is on the Norristown High Speed Line where I see all of the traffic on the Schuylkill Expressway.  Glad I'm not in it.

Elaine: The view of city hall as the 17 Bus drives along Market Street.

Thomas: The 56 SEPTA Bus. Seeing yet another bus pass me, too full to stop because the route is overcrowded is a beautiful sight indeed! I LOVE IT!

Josh: Nothing makes me feel more at home than seeing the skyline and the towering Comcast buildings.

Kelly: Along the Chestnut Hill West line a glorious view of the Schuylkill appears between North Philadelphia and 30th Street. Lined with greens and backed by blue skies, the river seems to be infinite, and it reminds me of the beauty of Philadelphia. We can be urban, quaint, pastoral, and downright beautiful. As a photographer, it’s one of my favorite places to shoot - split second shutter click from a moving train!

Thomas: My favorite view is the city from the Market-Frankford line coming from the 69th Street Terminal!

Jennifer: Me and my son’s favorite view is right at the Spring Garden Station.  He loves looking out and seeing the cars race by just as we’re about to go in the tunnel.

Maggie: Spring Garden Station on the El! To the east, it’s the gorgeous Ben Franklin Bridge, and to the west, it’s our distinct skyline that screams “home.”

Kristina: My favorite view is of the airport at night on the 37 Bus riding into Chester. The lights from the hotels and lots are beautiful. Another favorite view of mine is the Olney Station. I love all the colors and the energy taking place night and day.

Scottie: My favorite place to see from a SEPTA window is when the sun sets just as you come from underground at 2nd Street heading to Spring Garden on the El. It’s a gorgeous setting and makes the trip home worth it.

Rachael: The windows of a SEPTA Regional Rail car reveal the culture of a great city. Rounding the bend into the city, just before the Temple football field, I see the developing skyline and feel the excitement of what the day will bring. The countless views are to be appreciated by anyone who takes the time to observe them. My personal favorite view...the faces. The faces of Philadephians. For the faces of Philadelphians are what Philadelphia is all about.

Angelica: On the Lansdale-Doylestown line ride home, my favorite thing to watch as we leave the city is the Ben Franklin Bridge. Those few minutes where I can watch it are my favorite part of my ride home every day. It reminds me of how incredible it is to be able to travel anywhere, anytime.

Michael: As a Villanova alum, my favorite view is passing through campus everyday on my way to and from work. Especially when we pass by the Pavilion, home of the NCAA champions! Right now the view is full of construction for the new tunnel and station improvements, but I'm very excited to see it finished!

Samantha: I live in Delaware County and take the Market-Frankford Line from 69th Street into the city often, so my favorite view is the Steve Powers murals from 69th Street to about 40th street. They’re so expressive and convey a love for the city that’s so fun and heartwarming.

Bethany: My favorite view is from the front seat on the Market-Frankford line approaching Huntingdon Station, traveling through the blue bridge. I love the perspective and view of the architecture, and the beauty of the city.

Joia        My favorite view from a SEPTA window is the view of the art museum on a train approaching 30th street station.

Cienthia: My name is Cienthia, I am a mother of 5, and I am 42 years old. I use SEPTA as my means for travel on a daily basis. Food shopping, transporting my children to and from school, you name it! My favorite route is the El train. You can sit back and relax while enjoying the amazing sites like Girard and Spring Garden heading down to 2nd Street. It’s beautiful to see all of the colorful sites and to just enjoy a ride at the same time. Anyone that wants to relax and the city view, catch the El, and take it all in.

Christopher: The best view is undoubtedly of the sports fans on the Broad Street Line. Seeing everyone in their gear on gameday is exciting and makes SEPTA an important part of Philly sports.

Nancy: My favorite view happened this past Monday morning. I saw a fox run alongside the train right before the Allegheny stop (Norristown bound)! It was unexpected but pretty cool to see one in the city. I am usually on my phone on my morning commute, but this made me realize to look out the window more often.

Jennifer: As much as I love the skyline views, I have always found the view at Strafford Station to be peaceful. The track curves just a bit in both directions which gives it the appearance that it goes on indefinitely - despite being only a mile from the nearby stations.

Kristina: My favorite view is the city skyline from the MFL. The best time to see it is when the sun is setting right behind the buildings.

Christopher: I am a daily SEPTA rider. Three years ago, I took the Norristown High Speed Line to the Tower Theater in Upper Darby to see WWE's NXT brand do a house show. It was not only a great show but the scenery on the train was nice after the show. It was night time by then and all the lights were on. As the train departed, the neighborhood in Upper Darby looked like a miniature Christmas display and it was just beautiful. I also have enjoyed views of a specific park in Markley Street in Norristown (which normally I find quite ugly) on Route 90 on occasion. But a view from most SEPTA buses or trains, at the right distance, often tends to enhance the quality of the place.

Anthony: I just started working in Center City Philadelphia, and I love the view of the Art Museum I get right before work in the morning. If I’m starting work at 8am, I can even get a sunrise on top of it. My goal when finding a job out of college was to work in the heart of the city, and it signifies to me that I achieved that goal. I take the Media/Elwyn line in the morning and get off at Suburban.

Robert: Frankford Transportation Center

Manya: On the Airport line heading into Center City, between the Temple and Jefferson stations, before the tunnel, the view of the city skyline is my favorite view. It always makes me feel ready to take on the day when I’m heading into work.

Joanne:                My favorite SEPTA view is when the train nears the Bala Cynwyd Station.  It's small and old, but it is well maintained and locals have made a real effort to beautify the surroundings.  There's nice landscaping as well as the beginning of the Heritage Trail.  There's also the Trail's End Cafe, which is always a welcome sight.  I think of this as one of the more appealing SEPTA stations and feel lucky that it's mine.

John: I love the view of the murals while I’m using the El.

Christine: I love the view of the skyline from the El.

Jordan: Somewhere between Wayne Junction and Temple, traveling south after a long day at the office, there's no better view than the city skyline on a Friday evening. The buildings almost glitter with possibilities, and I know that when I pass over Temple's Edberg-Olson Football complex, I'm home.

Shaheim: My favorite view is on the Trenton Regional Rail line. I like trains in general so I enjoy seeing Amtrak trains and other trains go by, as well as the Wilmington line. I love catching the subway surface trolleys and being right next to the Market-Frankford line in the tunnel. SEPTA may be for my commute but I enjoy my commute because of SEPTA!

Sal: The Chestnut Hill West view of the city and all the suckers driving during rush hour.

Dorcas: I ride the Regional Rail Line to Marcus Hook. I like seeing the FMC building. It is so tall and beautiful with big red letters.

Jessica: I love the view over the Schuylkill River between 30th Street and North Philly! It's a beautiful view of the city, especially in the morning with the sun shining across the buildings. It really brightens the mood on my way to and from Drexel University via 30th Street Station.

Helena:  My favorite view from SEPTA which has always been my favorite since I was a child, is the turn at Dauphin Street on the Market-Frankford line. The turn has always been somewhat scary but the little bit of fear has always been interesting. The view is really cool because you can see some of the individual homes and their 3rd story windows. Sometimes you will see people looking out of their window. I often wondered how they could sleep at night with all of the noise.

Heather: My favorite is the very front of the train on a rainy day. I’m not quite sure why, it’s just quite peaceful to see the rain hitting the windows.

SJ: My favorite view is of the rail yard at Wayne Junction.  This may seem like an odd choice, but there is a good reason.  When I was a child, this was actually a very busy Pennsylvania Railroad freight yard.  It was humming, night and day, with box cars and diesel engines.  A stirring symbol of the post-war American economy.  Alas, those days are over.

Meghan: My favorite view is on the Paoli/Thorndale line, heading into 30th Street Station, seeing Boathouse Row lit up at night- specifically, when the lights were green for the Eagles during playoff season.

Samantha: My favorite view out of the window of SEPTA is when the train exits a brief tunnel and all you can see is the Philadelphia skyline. Not only does it mean that my day is just beginning, but when the sun hits the buildings perfectly, it helps to start my day with a smile on my face. Even when it is overcast, the city looks so intriguing, as if you're entering into a mystery that you can't wait to solve.

Cathy: The Philly skyline! What an awesome view! If you’ve ever been to Philly, you know what I mean. And then to see it at night Is even more spectacular!

Kaciemah: When the train rides really fast I like looking at the tracks out of the window. I like to get a close up of the tracks while I’m sitting in the first seat at the front of the train. I also like to see under the bridge when I’m around Spring Garden. Riding the train can be a fun experience.

Krupa: My favorite view from a SEPTA window is midway from Jefferson Station to Temple University Station. I slowly drift away from the chaos and action of one of the biggest cities in the United States. The feeling of peace and tranquility within me is indescribable. There is a unique emotion that comes with viewing the city from afar. Everything is quiet and suddenly, the city looks miniscule. The worries of my work and fast paced life in the city become a past as I continue onto the suburbs to my family and quiet home amidst the green forests.

Katherine: My favorite view is the Philadelphia skyline from the Chestnut Hill East Regional Rail line near Temple University.

Joe: When I ride the trolley into Center City, I always sit on the left side hoping that I'll see an Eastbound Market-Frankford train as we approach 30th Street Station. There's an optical illusion caused by the downward slope of the trolley tracks and the faster speed of the subway. If the timing is just right, the El looks like it's leaping up in the air like a dolphin. 

Noah: Typically, I always sit facing forward on the train. I love sitting in the front car of Regional Rail, where I can look out the window as the horn blares through crossings. Almost my whole life I've made sure to get a seat facing the ""right"" direction. But after I started attending Temple University about 2 years ago, I've found myself facing the ""wrong"" way a lot of the time as I take Regional Rail. As I'm sure every frequent SEPTA rider knows, people prefer sitting in the direction that the train is moving. So the seats that go backwards tend to always be empty, and thus on crowded trains I can typically only grab a backwards-facing seat. One time early in my college career, I was taking the train from Center City to Temple. I had a go-anywhere One-Day Independence Pass, so I decided to treat myself and take Regional Rail. Usually I would've taken the subway, but I figured the train would be quicker. Unfortunately, as I walked down to the Market East platforms, the commuter rush was apparent--it was so crowded! The station was full of people, and I knew that getting a seat was going to be a problem. Getting on a train, I found myself facing a typical situation--all of the seats facing forward were all full. So, I plopped myself down in a seat facing backwards. At least it was near a window, so I could lean against it and nap a little. I starting nodding off to the hypnotic lights in the Center City Commuter Connection. As the lights in the tunnel flashed by, they sped up. In a way it's almost rhythmic. I did not know this at the time, but apparently the trains speed up once they pass the curve in the tunnel beneath 9th Street. They do this in order to make it up the steep grade required to get to ground level. The lights continued to pulse faster and faster as I rested my eyes. All of a sudden, the train exited the tunnel. A huge flash of light woke me up. I opened my eyes and looked out my window. In its glory, I saw the Philadelphia skyline in the evening twilight. It was an absolutely gorgeous view. My phone was dead, and to this day I wish I took the picture. It must have been the prettiest thing I've ever seen. I was so enthralled by what I saw, I was in a daze and nearly forgot to get out of my seat to leave the train when we got to Temple. In that moment, SEPTA helped me realize just how beautiful my city was. Ever since that day, I have always taken trains heading northbound out of Center City facing backwards--just for the view once the train leaves the tunnel. It's a view I can only get on SEPTA.

Jessica: My favorite view is definitely my car in the parking lot when I get off the Market-Frankford line on my way home from work!

Steven: My favorite view from SEPTA is on the 44 going into the city from Bala Cynwyd, and seeing Boat House Row and the Art Museum.

Jennine                : Sitting in the last seat of the new train and watching the city skyline get smaller, knowing that means I'm almost home with my family after a long day of work.

Vina: My favorite view is on the El going towards 69th Street, especially when the sun is out! Seeing the city skyline is awesome.


Julia:  I enjoy the view on the Spring Garden El stop on the Market-Frankford line, where you can see the bridge and part of Penn’s Landing.  When I was working, I enjoyed seeing the sunlight in the morning, the birds flying- it was so peaceful.  As a child, I always enjoyed the feeling of going downtown.  I guess because when I was young I use to take the El downtown to shop, eat, and just have fun with my family and friends.  These were great memories.  This is why I enjoy the Spring Garden El stop.

Tracey: My favorite view on SEPTA would have to be on the El going past Spring Garden, and passing the Ben Franklin Bridge at night when it’s all lit up.

Jillian: My favorite view is out of the 57 bus window, watching the neighborhood go from South Philly to North Philly.  It’s so interesting to watch how things change from neighborhood to neighborhood.  I appreciate all the things each one has to offer.

Shira: My favorite view is when I am pulling into North Hills Station via the Lansdale/ Doylestown Line on my way back from college at Temple University, and see my mom and dog waiting to pick me up to take me home!

Karen: I used to ride the Trenton line and enjoyed looking at the river with the rowers. Now I work in Jenkintown and I love seeing the horses at the corner of Fox Chase and Cedar Roads. I am a city girl who likes a little taste of the country. You get to see both riding the 28 Bus.

Brian: For me is when I ride the Regional Rail from the city to the suburbs. You can tell where you are in Pennsylvania. The busy city life to the quiet green landscape of the burbs. Fresh air, yum!

Paul: Definitely riding the El on Market Street in West Philly. I love looking at the murals series.

Marquia: I love riding the Market-Frankford line.  I love when it goes over the bridge because you can look down at the street to see all the trees.

Julee: My favorite view is from the MFL going from 2nd Street to Spring Garden. If you look one way you can see the water and the Ben Franklin Bridge, and the other you see the WE THE PEOPLE mural. It's a nice reminder of pride for my city, as well as a feeling of gratitude for being able to live and do what I love everyday!

Waltrina: My favorite view from a SEPTA vehicle is the many quotes on the wall beginning around the 52nd Street El stop. It has such a scenic look, and they can be very inspirational.

Alex: My favorite view only happens a few times a year at the very start of a snowstorm. It's when a trolley emerges from the tunnel at 40th Street and all the riders gasp at the sudden change in weather.

Emmanuel: My favorite view is on the Market-Frankford line between 46th Street and 40th Street, right before the train turns left to enter the tunnel. The energy of Center City gets more intense as you near the turn. It kind of teases you into wanting to continue on a straight path so that you can experience the larger than life energy that Center city exudes. It also reminds me of when, as a child, I would always fear the train going straight and riding off the platform instead of turning. I now laugh at my silly childhood imagination every time the El makes that turn.

Robin: I like to watch the fireworks at Penn’s Landing from the El station on Spring Garden Street.

Carolyn: I take SEPTA into the city from Delaware County (the trolley to 69th Street, then the Market-Frankford line in).  My favorite views are riding through West Philadelphia, and seeing all of the beautiful murals on the sides of the buildings.  My grandparents all grew up in West Philly as well, and I always enjoy looking at all of the houses and neighborhoods, and imagining what they were like 60-70 years ago when they were kids and playing in those streets. 

Rita: My favorite is riding in the front seat of the MFL when the window is clear and the sky looks mysterious, whether it be sunset or sunrise. Many regional lines, like Norristown, have great views of the Schuylkill River.

Lindsay: Taking the train into the city from the Jenkintown-Wyncote train station.

Nicolas: My favorite view is Center City from the Market-Frankford line heading towards Frankford. It’s a beautiful view, especially when I’m heading to school in the morning, or when I’m just going to my cousin’s house at night.

Max: My favorite view from a SEPTA train is right before you pull into 30th Street Station. Here you can see all of Philly from one side, including CHOP where thousands of miracles happen every day, and the other shows Amtrak’s Race Street Yard, which always makes me happy to see as a rail enthusiast. Really though, any view from a SEPTA is a great view!

Latanya : I get on the Airport Line every-day to go to and from work.

Leslie: If you take the Chestnut Hill West line, the view going over the Schuylkill River from North Philly to 30th Street is incredible. On the left side you have the beautiful city skyline and on the right, Fairmount Park and Kelly Drive. My all-time favorite train ride! It will always be the R8 to me.

Sarah: Right after Temple on the inbound train when you can see the Ben Franklin Bridge in the distance.

Daniel: My daughter and I love the view of the Ben Franklin Bridge from the El as we emerge from underground into the Spring Garden station. Every day on our way home from picking her up at preschool, we try to sit on the right side to see the whole bridge. My daughter (4) likes to call it the "BIG Franklin Bridge!" The entire view of the Delaware, the waterfront, and Camden are delightful every day.

Joan: I love to ride the train just to see everything in the city.  I take the El to 5th Street and walk around Independence Hall to look at the Liberty Bell and the Franklin playground.

Kevin: I take the 23 trolley to look at all the different neighborhoods. The 23 takes me in neighborhoods I’ve never been in, and the sites are amazing to me. I love exploring by bus, thanks SEPTA!

Tara: Elkins Park Rail Station- that building just faces the train perfectly. Amazing architecture.

Maria: On the MFL in the daytime, looking out the window and then going underground.

Michele: The milk bottle-shaped water tower on the old Harbison's Dairy warehouse.  I look for it every time I'm on the El.   It's just so different.  I remember, many years ago, the first time I saw it, I was surprised and it made me laugh out loud because I wasn't sure that I really saw what I saw!  But now, I really do look for it every time.

Allison: I have been riding the Wilmington/Newark line for about 7 years now and find it the best way for me to commute to work and back from Wilmington, DE. I enjoy the fact that my commute at the end of the day serves as a debriefing time before getting home, a way to separate work from home. My favorite view by far is the view of the Delaware River in the morning between the Wilmington and Claymont stops. It puts everything in perspective before I step into work.

Judy: My favorite view from a SEPTA window is the multi-colored tiles of Jefferson Station. I have always had trouble being on time, but when I can get to the station early enough to sit and wait for the Manayunk/Norristown line to come, it’s really peaceful for me. Knowing it’s underground and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. On my way back from the suburbs on Regional Rail, I usually keep busy on my phone until my reception cuts out as we enter Jefferson Station. It forces me to look up and wait until I can see the multi-colored tiles of Jefferson Station again. That’s how I know I’m home, and back to the busy city life, but for the short time between those colored tiles I can escape.

Ryan: I love looking out of the window while taking the Regional Rail line to Wilmington.

Adam: Coming home on the Warmimster line after a thunderstorm, the entire train leaned over to see the double rainbow out of the window.

Justin: Route 48 Southbound goes through Fairmount which is very nice. You pass by the Art Museum/Eakins Oval, The Barnes Foundation, the Franklin Institute and Von Colln field. And while crossing Pennsylvania Avenue at 22nd Street, you get a great view of Ben Franklin Parkway all the way down to City Hall.

Hena: As a daily commuter, my favorite view is when the train has just left Suburban Station and going towards 30th Street Station. When the train finally escapes the tunnel and is out in the open again is what I wait for everyday. I just look up out the window and see the tall buildings against the bright sky and feel blessed to be attending university in the city. It’s the small things like this that make up for the hour commute from Warminster.

Kyle: I love to see the skyline of the city and the places and stores I've never been to. I love to use SEPTA services because they're always getting me to where I need to be on-time, and also giving me the best view of my city.

Sarah: Seeing the Philadelphia Art Museum & Schuylkill River every morning when we pull into 30th Street Station on the West Trenton line.

Virginia: While riding the Trenton Line into Center City, I always ride the quiet train and look out the window. I enjoy the quietness of the car but also enjoy the sights of the city. There are so many views coming from Northeast Philadelphia, you can see so many different neighborhoods. My most favorite is passing the Philadelphia Zoo. The sight just brings back many childhood memories and it immediately takes me back to my youth. Thanks for the views, SEPTA.

Linda: I get a thrill when the Manayunk-Norristown line approaches the Manayunk Station. I’ve lived here three years and my life has turned around for the better. Change is good!

Tommy: I love riding the EL and passing by my old high school building, seeing the places I used to walk to and from, how those places have come and gone, and how new neighborhoods have been born and reborn!

Malinda: Watching the sunrise from the quiet ride car on the Thorndale/Paoli line to 30th Street.

Xzavier:. My favorite view is the city skyline because downtown is always filled with festivities and entertainment, plus it’s a great view for photos. It's my home away from the countryside of Philadelphia. I have easy access to Penn's Landing or Independence Hall National Park when I enter Jefferson Station, and the 4th of July festival is the number one festival in Philadelphia to see.

Sarah: My favorite view is when the West Trenton line train goes over the Delaware River. Only the small number of commuters who traverse to the final stop in West Trenton, NJ get to enjoy this spectacular view. Early morning sunrise (7:06 train) and at sunset are the best times to see the colorful sky reflecting over the water. Every time the train begins to pass over, I stop whatever I am reading and take a look to absorb the beautiful view on both sides. There are usually only a few passengers on the train, so I can see out of all the windows. It only lasts a few seconds, but it’s the best part of my long journey.

Melissa: Taking the 3 down Frankford, you see murals of when that area was a really decent place to live. Total garbage now, but it's home and nothing beats the ride down Frankford Avenue going home.

Attallah: I love the view when I am on the El, going into Center City, and I am in the front of the train while watching the Philadelphia skyline.

Storm: My uncle drove for Septa for 40 years. I'd spend my summers riding his routes with him and it gave me an appreciation for the city. As a child I loved the large homes in the suburbs and watching the people going about their lives in the busyness of the city. However, all of that paled in comparison to Boathouse Row at night! That is still my favorite site in the city. I travel a lot and nothing says home like the lights of Boathouse Row. Definitely my favorite view from SEPTA.

Brandon: Watching the diverse people everywhere, and seeing the different shaped houses.

Jackie: I love catching a glimpse of Temple University's football practice field, especially when the team is there.

Kyle: My favorite SEPTA view is the NHSL Bridge over the Schuylkill River headed into Norristown Transportation Center. Riding in and out of Norristown is made better with a breathtaking scenic view of the river, accompanied with the buildings of the Montco town. My best memory is after a storm, riding over while seeing a rainbow over the town.

Charon:  Riding on the buses, like the 21 and 31, because the ride is long and you get to see different parts of the city.

Lindsay: My favorite view is going into the city from the Jenkintown-Wyncote Train Station. I love seeing the city from the train.

Taylor:  My favorite view comes on the above ground portion of the El in West Philadelphia. From the elevated train tracks, you can see the love letter murals which are some of my favorite pieces of art found in the city.

Christine: My favorite view is when I see the cool art murals from the El.  There are usually 4 or more when I'm really looking. I like that I get  to see local art during my commute.

James:  The route 33 coming down Market Street, and seeing City Hall with William Penn on top. Never get tired of that.

Edgar: My favorite view from a SEPTA window is the view of the Constitution mural from the Broad Street Line.

Camille: I take the 15 trolley to work and we cross the 34th Street Bridge just as the sun is coming up. The view of the city and the river is amazing. There's usually someone out there boating on the river which makes it even better. I have been taking this ride for over ten years and I'm always still amazed by its beauty.

Ali: I moved to Philly back in 2006 for college, and stuck around since, migrating from my family in NYC. I typically choose the Trenton line as my means of going back to visit everyone. The moment I see that classic bridge, "Trenton Makes, The World Takes," it makes me feel accomplished, knowing that half my journey is complete. Plus, I love the openness thanks to the river as the train crosses over, a brief recess from being smothered by trees, roads, and buildings.

Kristin: My favorite view is Spring Garden.

Doug: My favorite SEPTA view happens while crossing the Schuylkill riding the Trenton Line into Philly. Until that point, most of the ride from Trenton has been through North Philly and its suburbs, with the urban landscape slowly increasing in density throughout. There are highlights before that point, to be sure -- majestic old factories, incredible splashes of graffiti along the tracks -- but by the time the train passes the North Philadelphia stop, it's easy to have been lulled into a kind of trance by the fairly uniform texture of the landscape. But then, all of a sudden, you're out in the open, high above this broad ribbon of blue. To the left, around the river's bend, Center City rises in the distance. To the right, the Schuylkill winds slowly out of view into the northwest. In good weather, runners dot the trails along Fairmount Park below, and crew teams pull their shells along the river like so many giant water striders. Then, as soon as it's come, the view is gone, and it's onward past the zoo into 30th St. Station. This moment in the ride never fails to make me look up and crane towards my window.

Joanna: My favorite view from SEPTA is the Love Letter mural in West Philly as seen from the MFL!

Samuel: My favorite view is seeing the Trenton Makes Bridge on the Trenton Line, especially in the Silverliner V cars. Imagine that view when SEPTA eventually gets their bi-level cars, that view would be wonderful to see!

James: I like the view of Center City coming from the Media/Elwyn line. Seeing the sky scrapers from the train tracks is very cool. Wish I could see it more often!

Michael: When I moved to Philadelphia 10 years ago, I took my first ride on the MFL, westbound from 69th Street. It was a hot summer day, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and it was the perfect shade of blue. Making that turn into 63rd Street Station, as we sat in that first car, we saw the Center City skyline revealed to us. The most iconic view in all of Philadelphia.

Curtis: Coming off 76 near Center City and looking up at the Philly skyline- it’s very impressive and beautiful.

Marie: I recently moved to an apartment on the route 45 line. My favorite view is the Epiphany Church on 11th and Jackson Street because there is a beautiful statue of the Blessed Mother and children. It brings me peace to see whenever I ride by.

Rick: The view from the Schuylkill River Bridge as we parallel Girard Avenue. It’s such a beautiful river, with a great view of the Philadelphia Zoo. Plus, we always pass my condo at Brewerytown Square!

Alison: My favorite view from the Chestnut Hill West train is from the bridge over the Schuylkill River.  I love seeing how different the river and surrounding trees look in each season.  I like to see what's happening along the drives (like the setting up of the PIFA Cristal Palace performance happening now).  It's generally one last minute of peace before getting into the city for work and it makes me happy that our city still holds natural beauty throughout.

Brad: I painted this piece as a self-portrait through the reflection in my SEPTA Regional Rail window. As an artist, I will always be inspired by the industrial landscape I see from my commute.

Nakaya: My favorite view is when I'm riding the El train into Center City. I like to look at the water when entering Spring Garden Street Station. It just relaxes me.

Kranti: I like the view of rails crossing each other, especially Overbrook through 30th Street Station.

Deb: Many would say there is no view from the BSL, but I disagree.  It is a composite of what Philadelphia is all about.  A rich tapestry of diversity meets me every time I step onto the subway.  Young, old, rich, poor; every color, nationality, gender, religion, the Broad Street line brings them all together.  I love my city and our greatest treasure is each other.  My wish is that someday everyone will come to appreciate the beauty in the diverse view from a subway car.

Felicia: My favorite view is when the train arrives at Temple University. It sometimes feels like I am in another world.

Marla:   I ride the Lansdale/Doylestown line everyday. It is so relaxing, and I particularly love the view of the Schuylkill River as we are leaving 30th Street in Philadelphia in the evening.

Ken: Riding to Doylestown and passing through the property of Del Val College and seeing the cows out grazing in the college's farm fields. It's like looking through a modern window to the past. It's not a sight you get to see out most commuter train windows nowadays.

Susan: I love riding the Bus Route 106 when I volunteer at the Devon Horse and Country Fair, especially my first day I volunteer. I look out my window and I see horses on a side street being walked, and I also see the ferris wheel.

Lindsay: I love the views of the city from the inbound Regional Rail trains from Jenkintown-Wyncote stop.

Edward: My favorite view from a SEPTA window is when I’m on any Amtrak territory. Either the Wilmington/Newark Line or the Trenton Line. I love watching the trains pass by and the trains going other speeds and other directions to different destinations. Every time I’m on the Amtrak territory and an Amtrak train passes by on a parallel track, it makes me jump. I try not to get scared because I’ve gotten used to it from riding to Delaware every two weeks

David: My favorite view is when the train is coming out of the tunnel from Suburban Station, and being able to see the river and Amtrak train yard. Then, when leaving 30th Street Station, I like the view of JFK Boulevard and seeing the skyline of the beautiful tall buildings.

Aidan: My favorite view is on the way to 30th Street Station. It is on the Chestnut Hill West line and I like the view because of the skyline.

Jack: My favorite view is on the Chestnut Hill Line right as you pull out of 30th Street Station and see the entire city early in the morning with the sun behind it.  It looks very pretty and I always stop whatever I'm doing to look at the city.

Victoria: My favorite view is the city skyline. So relaxing on a long ride into the city!

Claire: My favorite view is from the El at the Spring Garden Station going towards 69th Street Station, because I can see my house. I bought my house almost a year ago and one of my non-negotiables was living near good public transit. When I commute home in the evening, I try to sit near the window so I can see my house, and even though I'll be there in just a few short minutes, I get excited to be able to see it from the train.

Ashley: My favorite view from a SEPTA window? That really all depends on where I am going but when I was in college I would take a quick trip every now and then to visit the city through Regional Rail R3. Seeing the skylines or familiar streets lets me know that I am home and that I live in the best city on earth. It is amazing how the city is expanding and upgrading to new buildings and shops all around and new places to eat and drink. When it was time for me to head back to campus, I would get a little bit sad that I am leaving to go back to Delaware County since I am more of a city person. Philly is growing and no matter which route you take, you will always find an amazing view no matter where SEPTA takes you.

Joseph: My favorite view is when you're on Regional Rail coming out of Center City on the way to the Temple Station.

Cynthia: My favorite sight as I ride SEPTA daily are the buildings on Boathouse Row.  I especially love riding past there at night when everything is lit up! I ride the 44 bus on I76. So beautiful!  It's also nice to see the row boaters in the water. 

Maria: I was on my way home and caught the wrong El. I was supposed to catch the A but caught the B and I got off at Somerset when I was supposed to get off at Huntingdon Station. If it wasn’t for my tired mistake, I would’ve never seen the sunset.

Brooke: My favorite view is just as you enter the city from the Norristown line! It always gets me excited when I start to see the skyscrapers!

Riannon: When I lived in Roxborough between 2016 and 2017, I use to take the 27 from outside Saul High School to my internship at CHOP. From Monday-Friday, I would take the 27 down to City Hall, seeing Boathouse Row and City Hall, before boarding the Market-Frankford to 34th Street. While I no longer do so, it was always my favorite route and scenic view.

Kaciemah:I take the 2 bus, and I like to see the downtown skyline, the skyscrapers, and the sunset and sky change colors above the buildings downtown. It’s all a part of Gods great glory, the beautiful heavens sitting over the city.

Samantha: My favorite view from a SEPTA window is the city skyline. The city skyline represents Philadelphia. It is a wonderful place, and Philadelphia will always be a home to me forever. I love Philadelphia and SEPTA.

Vy: My favorite views from a SEPTA window are Love Park and City Hall from the 17 bus.

Timothy: It's the milk bottle past York-Dauphin Station, I've always loved milk since I was born.

William                : My favorite view is the Philadelphia Zoo from the Trenton line.

Virginia: One of my favorite views is the Schuylkill River, especially when the rowers are out in the morning. Second to none is the Philadelphia Zoo. It brings back so many memories of when we would ride the 15 trolley from Girard Avenue at 49th Street to the Zoo for the day when we were kids.

Patti: My favorite view is seeing the 6ABC zoo balloon in the morning coming up while heading to Suburban station on the Wilmington/Newark Line.  It’s not everyday, but when I see it, it makes my day. 

Dorothy: My favorite view is out the 101 Trolley right side. It's a lovely ride to Media and I really enjoy it. I prefer the right side window view so I can see where I am and be able to pull the cord right before my stop.

Jillian: My favorite view is looking out the window of the BSL when my train is next to another train, and I feel like I’m in the real (fake) subway race at the Phillies game!  I love when they put that up on the screen at games, I always route for the blue one. So fun!

Terrell: My favorite view is when you’re on the 44 bus heading into the city and you can see the highway at night. You get a view of the light houses, and as the bus keeps going you get to see the city light up, looking beautiful.

Zack: My favorite view is out the window of an inbound Chestnut Hill West train. First, you see the very pretty, forest-y, green-heavy areas of Chestnut Hill and Mt. Airy. After that, you go into North Philly, where there are some beautiful works of street art all along the way. You will see amazingly intricate tags spanning an entire building, or a mosaic of smaller, but still beautiful tags on the walls of bridges the train passes under. Next, there are some overgrown, unused railways, veering off into nowhere that are delightfully spooky. At last, the climax of a wonder-filled trip, crossing the river. On the left side of the train you get a uniquely brilliant view of the Center City skyline, and on the right, an equally awe-inspiring view, overlooking the Schuylkill, its many old, elegant bridges and the forests of Fairmount Park. It is very hard to decide on which side of the train to sit! This is my favorite view out of the window of a SEPTA vehicle, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

Carmen: My favorite view is the art/grafitti that covers many of the buildings, as well as the way the communities and landscapes change as we travel through the neighborhoods. It gives me a kind of birds-eye view of the places we live in and the surrounding areas

Zack: I love to see the neighborhoods of Kensington, Frankford, Fishtown, and West Philly roll by on the MFL. All the rooftops, the beautiful architecture in West Philly, the pretty little side streets and parks in Kensington, and the breathtaking skyline view when you’re near Spring Garden. From Frankford, all the way to 69th Street, it truly is a beautiful ride.

Nicole: I love looking out the SEPTA window to my mom waiting in the parking lot to pick me up after a long day of work to go out to dinner together and catch up!

Dawn: As a child, I always loved to go through the tunnel on the Market-Frankford line and come out to see the river and spot any ships. I love to see the tower of Episcopal Hospital where I was born and try to spot memories from my childhood in Kensington and Frankford. I especially like to look at the tops of the buildings on Kensington and Frankford Avenues to see what is remaining of the old architecture, hidden from the street view.

Christian: I love the view of the skyline when I am heading home downtown. Especially at night. It’s so massive and beautiful. The view comes from the Paoli-Thorndale line.

Linda: Riding on the Regional Rail and it going past 9th Street and Parrish Street, where the Richard Allen Projects are. Back in the 50's and 60's it was so beautiful. I grew up there and had the best childhood. Our neighbors were always watching over us and making sure we didn't get into trouble. Every time I ride the Regional Rails, I look out the window and smile.

Veronica Dee: Saint David's Station on the Main Line, because it is so bucolic, it has a lot of landscaping, and the Devon horse show is not far away. There’s a lot of open space to walk despite the very busy Lancaster Avenue.

Walter: Mine is simply looking at the various views, especially if it's on a route I have not previously ridden.  Seeing such sometimes also gives me ideas for new routes or where abandoned stations could be re-worked and re-opened or new stations could be put in place to better serve Regional Rail riders for example.

John Michael: I take the Paoli line every day. My favorite view is from Suburban Station to 30th Street Station. I know exactly where I like to sit, so I can see the river, the path, and the Art Museum. Everyday it makes going into work a little easier.

Chris: My favorite view is on the Wilmington/Newark DE Line; looking out and seeing the Delaware River! The view on my way to work is good, but for some reason, the view is a lot better on my home from work!

Mabel: My favorite view from a SEPTA window is when my 48 bus makes a turn around City Hall. The driver yells "Everybody hold on!" while our bus makes that wonderful turn from Market Street west of Broad, to Market Street east of Broad.

Levere: Believe it or not, my favorite view from a SEPTA window came this weekend from a shuttle bus after getting off of the Elwyn/Media train going to Center City. I was highly annoyed about the shuttle switch as I was trying to teach my daughter who was starting a new job, how to get to Center City via the train. The experience was very frustrating getting off the train and then onto a bus and then back onto the train. But as I was on the shuttle bus I glanced out the window just to notice the area around the Civic Center (University City Area) and the many shops that they have that I would like to frequent. I’ve never seen the view in that area and was somewhat amazed at what the area had to offer. I guess looking out and seeing the area took some of the frustration away from having to take a shuttle bus and disrupting my plans of showing my daughter how to get right into Center City. I guess all in all the shuttle bus provided me with the opportunity to see and venture to another part of the city in which I didn't frequent at all.

Jenna; Having been born and raised in South Philly, I rode the Broad Street Line everyday to and from school. So, the only types of views that I saw were the different colored tiles for each stop. Although not the most exciting view, the colors and designs of the tiles made me feel all types of ways. Seeing the dark green at Race-Vine meant that it was time to head off to school, seeing the light green and white tiles at Oregon meant it was time to go home, feeling a sense of relief. Now, I attend the University of Pennsylvania where I have met my current boyfriend who lives in Paoli. On breaks, I began taking the Paoli-Thorndale line to visit him, making me experience a whole other side of Philly/PA. Watching the landscape transition from skyscrapers to suburbs is breathtaking. Taking the Regional Rail made me realize that there's so much more to Philly than what I am used to seeing; SEPTA has given me the chance to embrace the city that I have always loved.

David: My favorite view is sitting in the rearmost seat of the El when the train leaps up from underground heading north towards Spring Garden. The city looks so alive and enormous from that view. I always try to get that seat.

Daniel: I love the views of history all around me when riding SEPTA.

Cathy: Northbound, home bound, just before we cozy up alongside the wood-trimmed stonework of Jenkintown-Wyncote, after the hustle and bustle of the city has faded away, a sylvan patch springs up, with a lazy little stream slithering through it; there, a phalanx of noble trees spreads its branches as if to welcome us home with arms outstretched, to soothe our work-weary souls.

Roger: My favorite view is when the train crosses the Schuylkill next to Girard Avenue on the Chestnut Hill West and Trenton lines. The view of the city is beautiful!

Jordan: I love seeing the new trains passing Wayne Junction on the way into the city. Great to see SEPTA going into the future.

Gabriel: The view of Boathouse Row, the Waterworks, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Center City (also now University City skyline) in the background, visible from Rtes. 44, 124, and 125 buses coming into the city. It was my favorite part of the day when I would commute to work; I would always make sure to sit in a seat facing that view. Sometimes when I listen to certain songs or tracks of music, I imagine riding along looking at that view while the music is playing. It also reminds us why the Ellen Fisher Samuel memorial needs to be renovated (with its fountains rebuilt and working) and why the MLK Drive onramp bridge over the Schuylkill River needs to be repainted.