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Three Healthy Tips to Start the New Year Off Right

January 5, 2022

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New Year's resolutions are a set-up for failure. I know this from my own experience. You make big, sweeping gestures to give up all desserts or to take long runs on the Schuykill River Trail every day. But by mid-January, you're back to your old habits. That is why I'm suggesting three simple things you can do that do not take much time or effort but can have a dramatic impact on your health. 

1.    Get vaccinated and wear a mask! You knew that was coming, right? If you're already fully vaccinated, get boosted. Follow

2.    Add two pieces of fruit and a vegetable to your daily diet. It never works to say, "I'm going to eat healthier." Make it specific - and make it easy.

3.    Set a bedtime alarm. Most people don't get the recommended sleep (at least seven hours a night). The reality is that while you probably can't sleep in later, you can go to bed earlier. So, start your wind-down routine an hour earlier.

Stay tuned for more helpful tips from SEPTA Medical Director Dr. E [aka Dr. Jeffrey Erinoff]!!