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January SEPTAdventure: Restaurant Week

February 1, 2017

Guest Blogger SEPTA YAC

Hey there SEPTAdventurers!

It’s the last week of Restaurant Week! If you aren’t familiar, Restaurant Week involves over 100 top notch restaurants in Philadelphia that offer a prix fixe, 3 (or more) course menu for only $20 to $25 for lunch and $30 to $35 for dinner! It’s an amazing deal and a great way to try out a bunch of restaurants. Try a different place each night! Or, if you are “financially challenged” students like us, then gather a group of friends and enjoy a meal at a very fancy establishment for much less than usual.

We at the SEPTA Youth Advisory Committee traveled to Ocean Prime for a very lavish dinner experience. We took the Market-Frankford Line to 15th Street Station and walked two blocks south (between Sansom and Moravian Street). We were seated in a private room on the second floor.


The wall facing into the restaurant was completely glass, so we could see the whole dining area. We were served by Katherine and her wonderful assistants. Everything was delicious. I had the lobster bisque to start, the filet mignon for the main course, and raspberry sorbet for dessert. Kara and Dan had the salmon for their main course and both couldn’t stop talking about it. Jeff has food allergies and was very well accommodated. Evan had cookies and cream ice cream for dessert and practically licked the dish clean (and probably would have if we weren’t at such a fancy place). We had such a great experience at Ocean Prime, anyone of us would recommend it! The great part about Restaurant Week is that you can try a multitude of great restaurants, so try out Ocean Prime and three other restaurants this week (or six if you go out for lunch and dinner every day)! So find a group or just your S.O and make a reservation through OpenTable (if available through the Restaurant Week listing. And do it soon because you have until Friday, February 3 to partake in the glory of Restaurant Week!

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Happy SEPTAdventuring and Restaurant Week partaking!