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How Did They Fix That?

September 14, 2023

Earlier this year - a crew from the Smithsonian Channel’s “How Did They Fix That?” television series was at SEPTA to film how our workforce keeps the system running safely every day. We are excited to announce that the episode featuring SEPTA titled “Philadelphia Transit” will debut this Sunday, September 17, 2023 at 9PM! 

How Did They Fix That? is an immersive documentary series that follows host Mike Davidson as he works with the hard hat heroes that keep the world's biggest and toughest machines on earth running - in this case - SEPTA!

The film crew and Mike spent eight days at SEPTA in February 2023 embedded with employees working on a wide range of maintenance, construction, and other improvement projects including: 

  • Track along the Route 101/102 and the West Trenton Line 

  • Reconstruction and ADA improvements at the Tasker-Morris Broad Street Line and 30th Street Market-Frankford Line stations 

  • Bus overhaul and maintenance work at the Berridge Shop 

  • Inspections of tunnels and track along the Broad Street Line 

  • Restoration of the PCC Trolleys at the Woodland Shop 

  • Maintenance and repairs on Regional Rail trains at Frazer Shop  

SEPTA participated in this show because it presented an opportunity to share with local, national, and international audiences the hard work, dedication, and skill of our exceptional workforce.

We hope that you will tune in on Sunday night and encourage your friends and family to watch as well!

The Smithsonian Channel is available on most major cable systems. The SEPTA episode of “How Did They Fix That?” will also be available to stream after its release on Sunday night – check to see if your platform carries it.