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The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

November 8, 2021

The funding increases for transit in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act – coupled with continued support from our state and local partners will enable SEPTA to accelerate inclusive economic growth, promote job creation and lay the foundation for stronger, more livable and connected communities.  

SEPTA has immense infrastructure state of good repair and vehicle replacement challenges that strain our limited capital budget.  This infrastructure package capitalizes on transit’s sustainability and equity benefits and will allow SEPTA to advance critical state of good repair priorities and move forward with our Projects of Regional Significance, including Trolley Modernization, King of Prussia Rail and replacing one of the nation’s oldest rail vehicle fleets. 

SEPTA is grateful to members of the Southeast Pennsylvania Congressional delegation for passing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and we are grateful for their unwavering efforts to secure vital investment in public transportation in the final bill. 

We look forward to putting this investment to work for our customers and the communities we serve to ensure the system is able to serve our growing region for generations to come.