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Ridership: January 2024

February 13, 2024

System-wide ridership in January 2024 was 65% of pre-COVID January 2019 ridership.

Average daily ridership was 644,103 unlinked passenger trips across all modes. 

System-wide ridership increased 11% from January 2023. On average there were approximately 66,387 more trips per day in January 2024 compared to January 2023.

For Bus - Saturday recovery is the strongest however weekday ridership has experienced strong growth. Ridership recovery is strongest during the midday hours (9AM – 3PM). During the 2PM hour ridership recovery stands at 82%. Ridership recovery is weaker during the late night and overnight hours.

Bus Routes with a 15 minute or greater frequency are carrying 73% of baseline ridership. The five routes with the highest recovery rates are Route 47M (123%), Route 42 (93%), Route 21 (90%), Route 40 (89%) and Route 108 (88%).

Trolley ridership increased 28% relative to January 2023. Ridership recovery is the strongest during the midday and overnight hours. Ridership recovery on both Saturdays and Sundays stands at 81%. 

Subway/Elevated ridership has increased 18% relative to January 2023. Heavy rail ridership is at 57% of pre pandemic levels based on revenue ridership data. This is the highest recovery rate since the start of the pandemic.

Regional Rail ridership recovery is at 57% as of January 2024 when compared to the pre COVID January 2019 total. Ridership has also increased 12% relative to January 2023 (an increase of 7,493 unlinked trips per day).

Trackless trolley ridership is the only mode that has decreased relative to January 2023 with ridership down by approximately 7%