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Kids Ride Free to the Philadelphia Flower Show

June 7, 2021

In case you missed it - heading out with the kids on SEPTA is easier [and less expensive!] than ever! Last summer – SEPTA announced that children 11 and under ride free. That – along with free transfers and the weather – make a daytime trip in the coming weeks a must-do.

Now thru Sunday - take the Broad Street Line to the Philadelphia Flower Show - held outdoors for the first time EVER - at FDR Park. 

The Show’s theme - “HABITAT: Nature’s Masterpiece” - explores the beauty of life through nature’s kaleidoscopic lens. 

You must buy tickets in advance. Admission for children ages four (4) and under is free [JUST LIKE SEPTA!]; Kids 5-17 are $20. An adult ticket costs $45.

This show is history in the making - and a great opportunity to spend some time outdoors with your little one!  

And remember– riding the bus, trolley and/or subway is 10X safer than driving. Regional Rail is 18X safer!

And when you ride - remember to keep your mask 😷 over your mouth and nose!